Hello, I'm Vicky!


I’m a coach helping wellness entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality.

If you need tools, tips, guidance and support to build a fulfilling wellness business then you’re in the right place.

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Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Everything you need is already inside you

As the wellness entrepreneur coach my job is to help you see the value you offer and find your way in getting it out in the world.

I help you get clear on what you want, build an engaged audience for your business, overcome the fears that have been holding you back and support you to build a rewarding and profitable wellness company.



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Inject new energy into your wellness business with my ultimate checklist.

You think you need more skills, more knowledge, more experience. I’m here to tell you that you don’t.

You just need to start here.

This list will take you through the steps you can start putting into place right now. No paid courses, no upgrades, no costly tools. All the free things you can do right now to make your business happen. 

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Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach

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Get the notepad and pen out and prepare to learn.

I share everything I know in step-by-step videos alongside stacks of the best resources that make your work shine and help you reach your ideal client.

Listen to the podcast

Just Start Now is packed with practical tips and inspiring interviews with industry leaders to help you start your wellness business, straight into your ears in podcast form.

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If you are looking for tools, tips, guidance and support in building a fulfilling and sustainable wellness business,
you’re in the right place.



Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach

My coaching sessions with Vicky have been nothing short of life changing…Her style of coaching is so friendly and supportive too, I’ve loved every minute.

Samantha Couzens, Food Stylist & Photographer

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Vicky has a definite skill in helping you set your own goals. It's like letting someone into your head so you can sort all you need to into bitesize parts that you can tackle.

Denise Wogan, Nutritional Therapist

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Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach
Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach

Coaching with Vicky has been one of the best things I ever could have done for my work life and personally. Looking back at where I began from where I finished gave me a massive sense of achievement that I wouldn't have felt left to my own devices.

Owen Feeney, Athletic Therapist

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Vicky has a gift in capturing your essence and your passion and packaging it so beautifully in her session recap. She is genuine, caring and wants to see you succeed.

Jacqueline Kyne, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

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