How to build a wellness entrepreneur mindset

I’ve been coaching wellness entrepreneurs for a while now. And I’ve noticed three consistent topics that come up time and time again with my clients. They’re the biggest blocks that hold them back from achieving their dreams and creating the thriving wellness businesses they dream of.

They are:

  • What will people think of me?

  • I’m not good enough AKA Imposter Complex

  • Perfectionism is holding me back

I’ve analysed these three damaging mindsets and offered some tips and ideas to help overcome them.

If you struggle with any of these blocks, dive into the video to learn more.  

The three biggest blocks holding your wellness business back

These resources make much more sense if you watch the video above and read along. If you can’t watch, the full script is saved here.

1. What will people think of me?

One of the most common things I hear is my clients worrying about is what people will think of them.  

Here are my tips for overcoming that fear of judgement: 


  • Ask yourself this question: who exactly are you afraid of judgement from? Get specific. Get a piece of paper and write out a list. If you can. 

  • If you can name people then get honest with yourself. Are they definitely judging you? Is that really true?

  • If they are honestly and truly judging you and you know that for a fact then remind yourself that: 

    • Their reaction says more about them than it does about you

    • They are not your ideal clients or audience

    • You can choose how to react

2. I’m not good enough AKA Imposter Complex

Feeling not qualified or not good enough is a very, very common feeling that my clients relay to me a lot in our sessions. 

Here are my tips for overcoming Imposter Complex:


  • Acknowledge it. Really listen to the phrases you are saying in your head around your feelings of being an imposter and write them down. Get familiar with when they show up and how these thoughts make you feel. 

  • Make use of affirmations. Identify the phrase that comes up for you the most often and flip it on its head. If it’s “I don’t know enough” turn that around to “I do know enough.”  Write that affirmation in your note-book every day, programme it to pop up on your phone, stick it on your vision board. Whatever it takes to really drill that new phrase in to your mind. 

  • Own your success. If you don’t believe you’re good enough, build up a bank of evidence to prove you are

    • My best tip for this is to keep a folder in your emails of all the times people have thanked you or praised you for your work.


For clients that struggle with Imposter Complex, I often direct them to this episode of The Priestess Podcast with Imposter Complex expert Tanya Geisler. Have a listen and see if it helps.

3. Perfectionism is holding me back

The harsh truth is nothing is ever perfect. And perfectionism is the killer for you even starting or putting yourself out there. Doing is far more rewarding than hiding.

Here are my tips for overcoming perfectionism: 

  • See everything you do as an experiment. It’s all just a chance to give it a go and discover new things

  • What is the perfectionism protecting you from? Maybe what you are scared of is really just the fear itself. And that won’t hurt you. 

  • Try to employ the 5 second rule. If you haven’t already discovered her, watch this video from Mel Robbins about the 5 Second Rule.

    If you think of something you’d love to do, take an action within 5 seconds to get it started. Because otherwise your brain will try to talk you out of it, protecting you from fear and the unknown.