How to drive traffic to your wellness business website

Your website is your pride and joy. You’ve spent months perfecting the layout and the look of your little corner of the internet, and you pour hours into carefully crafted blog posts and content. 

But no-one is visiting your website. 

As well as consistently producing amazing and valuable content there are some other things you can be doing to drive traffic to your wellness business website.

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How to drive traffic to your wellness business website

These resources make much more sense if you watch the video above and read along. If you can’t watch the full script is saved here.

Know your keywords 

If someone was searching on Google to find you and your business, what words would they be using? What would they be looking for? What exactly are they typing into the search bar?   

Don’t know what people are searching? Use and input your product and service and find out what people are searching using those terms.  


Optimise your layouts

When you’re working on your website and creating content, remember to use headers, sub-headers and tags on every page. 

 Not only do headers and sub-headers help to break up your content and make it easier to read than a big block of text, they also help your performance is search engines.

Do you know the other place you could be adding your key words? In your photos! Every time you add a photo to your website, you can give it a title which is also rich in key-words.


Write a blog 

 If you don’t already have a blog on your website, now is the time to start. 

Google is going to think your website is even more relevant and vital to share with users if you are filling it with fresh content regularly.

A blog gives you a chance to use more of those keywords and utilise the searches you know people are making, to specifically answer their questions.  

BONUS: I highly recommend listening to this podcast from Janet Murray on how to blog for your business. It contains really excellent tips on making your blog lead back to products and services you’re offering.


Guest write for others 

A fantastic way to help people find you is to feature as a guest writer on other people’s websites.

Get in touch with people you already know, have a good relationship with online or in real life, or that are already within a network that you are part of.

Did you know you can write for Arianna Huffington’s platform Thrive Global, totally for free? It’s an amazing and simple way to share content on a big site, and get your website link out to a huge new audience. Definitely give it a try. 


Share your content on socials 

Do you share your blog posts and website content on social media? You need to be doing this lots of times, not just once! 

Stop worrying about annoying people and start sharing more consistently on social media. Your content is valuable and interesting and people need to see it. Keep pushing it out there! 

 Watch my video to learn how to get started on sharing your content on Pinterest if you haven’t already.


Install Google Analytics 

Knowing where your views are coming from will help you see what is working and what is worth spending your time on and repeating.  

If you haven’t already, install Google Analytics on your website:

How to install Google Analytics on a Squarespace website.

How to install Google Analytics on a WordPress website.

Make a regular appointment with yourself each month or each quarter to check your Analytics and see where your traffic is coming from. 

Don’t know what you’re looking at? Maddy Shine SEO Queen has a great explanation video for Google Analytics which you can watch here.

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