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October 26, 2020

[030] How to master your messaging with Suzy Ashworth

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Some of the things we talked about when it comes to mastering your message:

  • Staying in your own lane and focusing on what you want and need to do in your own business, without getting side-tracked by shiny object syndrome.
  • Connecting with yourself and your purpose in order to show up in the way you want in your messaging – it’s not just about blueprints and templates.
  • The importance of taking risks and being willing to not be liked by everyone. Suzy’s promotional photos in a swimsuit are discussed!
  • Suzy’s three steps to mastering your message:
    • Chemistry and fizz – being clear on who you are, your mission and purpose and consistently meeting your ideal clients where they are so they know you understand them.
    • Disruption – making people see differently and understand why they have the problem all wrong and how you are the person who can finally help them fix it.
    • Conversion – actually asking for the sale! With mindset work allowing yourself to receive and earn money from your expertise. Being confident to ask for the sale and let people know the next steps.
  • Having a morning routine in order to keep mentally well as a business owner. Check out Suzy’s podcast episode on how she creates hers to raise her vibe.

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