How to sell your wellness business without feeling ‘icky

Your business is all ready! Your website is running, you’ve nailed your products and services and you have a beautiful brand.

But there’s one thing missing: customers

You’ve realised that while you love everything else about running your own business, sales and being a sales-person for yourself is leaving you feeling seriously gross.

The trouble is, without selling, there is no business.

So let’s find a way to help you sell that feels real, authentic and easy. Because I promise you, it does exist!

Watch the video to learn more:

How to sell your wellness business without feeling ‘icky

These resources make much more sense if you watch the video above and read along. If you can’t watch the full script is saved here.

1.It’s not about you – starting conversations

You need to be talking only 30% of the time. Your potential customer should be talking 70% of the time! 

Allow your potential customer to tell their story, to talk about the pain they are experiencing and explore the possible solutions.

What does that mean in real terms?

  • Start doing polls and quizzes on social media 

  • Talk to people and ask quality questions 


  • ‘Seed’ your offering

  • Join conversations e.g. in Facebook groups or at networking events 

  • See this time as legitimate time spent on your business

2. Value value value 

You aren’t selling something people don’t want or need. 

Your content and everything you share both for free and in paid offerings is adding value to people’s lives. 

If you think you’re an imposter it means you’re not. Because real imposters don’t feel like imposters. 

There’s more on building a wellness entrepreneur mindset and overcoming imposter complex in this video.

3. Intangible over tangible benefits

People don’t buy with their heads, they buy with their emotions. 

Don’t only tell people what they’re going to get. Tell them how you’re going to make them feel. 


4. Getting others to sell for you  

  • Always ask for feedback

  • Set up surveys to collect responses (I do free ones on Survey Monkey)

  • Ask your customers to tag and share your work – make it easy for them with graphics that are easy to share ( use Canva to do this)

  • Take screenshots of positive comments 

  • Start a testimonials page 

  • Start a Instagram highlight series for kind words

  • Share the praise you receive - you’re not showing off!

5. Schedule the hell out of it 

Sometimes we’re not always psyched up to ‘sell sell sell’ - and that’s okay! 

Harness the times when you are feeling pumped and positive to schedule ahead your posts and content. Doing this will take the thinking and analysing out of the equation which can sometimes paralyse us.  

How do you schedule?

  • Instagram – write captions in advance and design slides to share on Stories

  • Facebook – use the free in-built scheduling tool to post to page and group 

  • Twitter – use Buffer to schedule 10 tweets free to promote your content and offerings 

  • Emails – schedule ahead at intervals that feel right for you. Use filters if you have these available. Include surveys. 

  • Pinterest – keep this rolling using 1hr a week 

  • Live elements – break down and schedule in small, bite-size chunks 


I found this TED talk about How To Start Conversations really helpful and a great set of tips to add to your selling tool-kit when it comes to how to have better conversations. Watch now.

Want to really focus on selling?

I’ve put together a two hour deep dive masterclass that will take you through all these steps and more.

You’ll walk away with a confidence tool-kit you can apply as you step into that sales role, with ways to overcome that negative doubting voice in your head.