How to sell your wellness business

An access anytime masterclass about selling you and your services

For bloggers and business owners who feel seriously icky about being salesy but want to start earning

How to sell your business | tools for wellness entrepreneurs

In this power-packed 2 hour online workshop, I dive deep into everything sales and turn you from fearful and hiding to confident and effortlessly bringing in money

You’ll be able to follow along in this lecture-style masterclass, as I take apart the biggest blocks you’re facing when it comes to selling yourself and your services and help you attract customers and clients that really need what you offer.

In the last year I’ve gone from a PAYE employee of 10+ years to a sole trader - offering my services, pricing my time and finding work to sustain me.

I never wanted to turn into a pushy sales person and I know you fear that as well. What I’ve learned in the last 12 months is the way to earn an income and attract clients in a way that feels natural and easy, rather than forced and cringeworthy.

During this last year I’ve trained with a Sales Coach, picked up tips from experts and others I admire in the online world and tried and tested lots of methods to come up with a formula that works for me.

I’m going to share my favourite tools in this masterclass so you can start attracting the income your business deserves.

If I can do it, you can too. I’ll be ditching any concepts or strategies that feel like cold-calling or chasing people for business, and show you a way to embrace a sales method that feels more relaxed, more sustainable and most importantly more you.

You'll get clear on what your value is, learn the importance of belief in what you offer, discover the power of social proof and start talking to customers rather than just selling to them.

It’s not just about the practical steps: the only thing that’s stopped you selling your business and services is… you!

After this masterclass you're going to walk away with a confidence tool-kit you can apply as you step into that sales role, with ways to overcome that negative doubting voice in your head.

What does that mean? 

+ No more procrastinating about putting your products and services out into the world

+ No more struggles to know what to say in a sales conversation or email

+ No more embarrassment about selling

+ No more feeling confused about how sales works and what really makes people buy

+ No more fear and insecurity about asking for the sale and getting the money you deserve

It’s time for you to do this! I just know that the products and services you’re creating are really needed in the world. Learning these simple strategies when it comes to approaching sales will be just the beginning of a steady income which feels good and you attract naturally. You deserve a business that can truly sustain you.

Get ready to walk away with confidence in how to find the right customers, create sales pages that convert into income and begin to love engaging and selling to your audience because you truly know you're worth.

Vicky’s How To Sell Masterclass is an informative, effective, well-presented webinar packed with juicy content.

Within 17 minutes of participating in the class, I pitched and closed a sale using my new-found confidence. Within 10 days, I smashed through my monthly sales target.

If you feel icky and awkward about sales within your business, I urge you to spend a hour or two learning Vicky’s techniques.

Charlotte Argyrou, Botanical Illustrator

You'll learn:

+ Why we’re all conditioned to hate sales people (and why you’ll never turn into one of those)

+ The importance of value and explaining the intangible benefits of what you offer (so that people will buy because of how they feel, not because of what they get) 

+ How to find the right customer (and why it’s important to focus on them rather than everyone else when you’re selling)

+ How to get others to sell for you (and no I don’t mean in a pyramid scheme kind of way!) 

+ How to listen and talk to your customers (because that’s far more effective than just selling things no-one needs) 

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Here's what clients and followers say about me and my past Masterclasses:

How to sell your wellness business
How to sell your wellness business
How to sell your wellness business
How to sell your wellness business

I teach and speak all over the UK and Ireland about how to run a wellness business. This is an exclusive online masterclass with fresh material I’ve designed just for you.

WHAT: How to sell your wellness business without feeling icky, online masterclass

WHEN: Right now! Pre-recorded material and resources you can access immediately and dive straight in

WHERE: Online via a unique weblink (so you watch from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world)

Only €29.99 for 2 hours of practical advice you can implement straight away

Access the How To Sell Masterclass now

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You want to make money in your wellness business or side-hustle but you don’t know where to start

  • You have major issues with money and charging people for what you do - can’t it all just be free?!

  • You know you could be making more money if you just had some simple tools and strategies to sell

  • You’re terrified of looking like a pushy salesperson in order to make money

  • You’ve already tried selling and it just makes you feel totally icky. Surely there’s another way?

Access the How To Sell Masterclass now


I don’t make any money from my wellness business yet, is this masterclass for me?

Yes! This masterclass is perfect for you if you haven’t even started selling yourself, your product or services. I help you get really comfortable with the concept of sales which is completely removed from the horrible pushy sales person we all imagine when we hear the word.

I already make a bit of money through my wellness business, but I’d like to make more. Can I learn something?

Absolutely. If you’ve already started selling you’ll already be familiar with the basics and perhaps the major difficulties you face when you are trying to attract customers to your business. I share lots of fresh tips and insights on how I’ve raised my income month on month by employing simple strategies that don’t make me cringe.

I’m not a wellness entrepreneur, can I still join the masterclass?

Yes of course! I’ve had lots of different business owners use my content. If you’ve got products and services to sell online, you will benefit.

My passion is helping wellness entrepreneurs, but sales is something that is a universal concept that can help all online businesses. You are more than welcome to access the masterclass and you will gain knowledge that can be applied to any industry.

Still not sure if this masterclass is for you?

Drop me a line on vicky @ vickyshilling . com and ask me any other questions you have. I’m happy to help.


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