How to start a blog for your wellness business

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How to start a wellness blog | tools for wellness entrepreneurs

Vicky Shilling | The Wellness Entrepreneur Coach

Hello, I’m Vicky!

I have an award-winning health blog The Flourishing Pantry which I started four years ago, from scratch, not realising the incredible path it would lead me on to a full-time career doing what I love.

I’m going to share everything I’ve learned about how to build a blog from nothing into a thriving hub that promotes everything you do and attracts clients into your wellness business.

In this power-packed 2 hour online workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to start a blog for your wellness business that will truly serve your brand and help you reach your ideal clients.

You’ll be able to follow along in this lecture-style masterclass, as I show you the exact steps you need to take to turn your blog idea into a reality. 

As well as a coach, I’m an award winning wellness blogger, which means I’ve been exactly where you are now.

Filled with excitement to share my passion and expertise in building a healthy lifestyle, in the last 3 years I’ve learned everything I can to grow my blog The Flourishing Pantry to what it is today. 

During my time as a blogger I’ve collected a huge wealth of tips and techniques that I use to reach my audience through online content and develop the right mindset to keep growing my success.

I’m going to share my favourite tools in this masterclass so you can create your own thriving blog to support your wellness business. 

If I can do it, you can too. So I'll be cutting through all the noise, distractions and ineffective advice out there and giving you the exact things you need to be doing right now to get your blog up and running and filled with content you’re proud to share. 

You'll get clear on who your blog is serving, how to create engaging content you love, the most effective ways to promote your blog and the value it contains and how to harness automations and schedules to help you achieve blogging success.

It’s not just about the practical steps: the only thing that’s stopped you setting up your wellness blog already is… you! After this masterclass you're going to walk away with a confidence tool-kit you can apply as you build and fill your blog in order to shut down that inner critic when it starts to take over and hold you back.

What does that mean? 

+ No more procrastinating about that blog you’ve been dreaming of 

+ No more struggles to reach the people who need your content 

+ No more embarrassment being without an online presence that’s truly yours 

+ No more feeling lost and confused about how to make your blog a reality 

+ No more fear and insecurity about putting yourself out in the world 

It’s time for you to do this! You have so much value to add and your voice needs to be heard. This blog will be just the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling place for you in the world of wellness. The blog you’ll learn to create will be the springboard for so many things to come. It’s what you deserve. 

Get ready to walk away with confidence in what makes your blog unique and how to create engaging content for it, clarity on how to get started with the practical side of building and maintaining a blog, and the mindset you’ll need to keep sharing and growing this amazing resource you’re going to create. 

You'll learn:

+ How to identify your niche and the exact audience you’re speaking to (talking directly to your ideal client to start building trust)

+ The basics of branding your blog (using simple, free online tools to choose colours, fonts and images to create a brand) 

+ How to market your blog (using social media and other simple and effective ways to get your message out into the world)

+ Why it’s essential to start a mailing list (and how to do this quickly and easily with automations that do the work for you) 

+ How to overcome negative thought patterns that have been holding you back from starting and growing your blog already (building confidence, kicking aside imposter complex and rising above perfectionism) 

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Here's what previous attendees say about the Masterclass:

Vicky managed to cover everything necessary in this Masterclass whilst at the same time giving confidence and encouragement and making it feel relevant to each individual. Definitely recommend!

Watched the masterclass on replay as I couldn't attend live.

A great class - clear, concise with some excellent information that took away much of the uncertainty on how to do things. Even though I've been blogging a while now took a lot from it. Some great resources to investigate further.

I absolutely loved the Masterclass! Vicky's enthusiasm is contagious and I love the way she brings the community feel to the class and makes it personal for those joining.

There were a lot of knowledge bombs dropped in 2hrs and even if something wasn't relevant to exactly where I am, I made lots of notes knowing it will be helpful in the future, and will give me more confidence for when I get to it! Thank you Vicky for an excellent and fun class.

Absolute mega value for money. Vicky is very credible and knowledgeable. She’s so generous in what she shares and there’s no undertone of wanting to sell more.


I have taught these workshops in the UK and Ireland and now I’m bringing them to you in an exclusive online masterclass.

WHAT: How to start a blog for your wellness business, online masterclass

WHEN: Tuesday 8th October 2019, 7-9pm London / Dublin time

WHERE: Online via a unique weblink (so you can take part or watch from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world!)

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Can’t make it live? No worries! When you sign up you’ll receive the recording of the masterclass direct to your inbox and have access to it for forever to watch back in your own time and at your own pace.

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You want to start a blog but you don’t know where to start

  • You have loads of ideas for content to help others but you haven’t got an online space to share it

  • You know a blog would support your business idea but your imposter syndrome is holding you back

  • You have the beginnings of a blog but you think it looks rubbish and you’re scared to get it out into the world

  • You have a blog but no-one is visiting it and you don’t know how to find your audience

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I don’t have a blog, is this masterclass for me?

Yes! This masterclass is perfect for you if you haven’t even started your blog yet. I take you through exactly how to set up your blog from scratch, so you know it’s working for you. Everything is explained step-by-step, you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

I already have a blog for my wellness business, but I don’t get many visitors or business through it. Can I learn something?

Absolutely. If you’ve already got a blog you can follow the steps to optimise it and go forward with confidence that what you’re doing is going to work and get results.

I’m not a wellness entrepreneur, can I still join the masterclass?

Yes of course! I’ve had lots of different business owners use my content. If you’ve got products and services to sell online, you will benefit.

My passion is helping wellness entrepreneurs, but a blog is a tool that can help most online businesses. You are more than welcome to join the masterclass and gain knowledge that can be applied to any industry.

Still not sure if this masterclass is for you?

Drop me a line on vicky @ vickyshilling . com and ask me any other questions you have. I’m happy to help.


Book now for €49

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