How to use Instagram for your wellness business

An online masterclass to harness the power of Insta

For health and wellness business owners who love Instagram and want to connect with more clients and customers

How to use Instagram for your wellness business | tools for wellness entrepreneurs

In this power-packed 2 hour online workshop, we’re going to dive deep into everything Instagram and turn it from a time sucking drain into a constant stream of enquiries for your business.

You’ll be able to follow along in this lecture-style masterclass, as I show you the tips and techniques you can implement to make Instagram work hard for your business and bring you new enquiries from your ideal customers.

In the last three years I have grown my Instagram account to 3.5k engaged followers and have a steady stream of enquiries about my coaching services every week thanks to the content I share.

I started on Instagram without a clue what I was doing - you can scroll back to the start to see my original posts from 2016 if you want proof!

But over the last few years I have soaked up all the tips I could find online from experts and accounts doing great business through Instagram. I’ve even paid for IG courses to understand what really works when it comes to social media marketing. And now I want to share all that knowledge with you.

I’m going to share my favourite tools in this masterclass so you can start attracting and talking to your ideal customers on Instagram in a meaningful and impactful way.

If I can do it, you can too. This isn’t about growth for the sake of numbers or becoming an influencer. My numbers are modest but they’re powerful which I know is what you want too. If you attract the right sort of audience and engage them with the right content, you’ll be growing a income stream in no time.

This masterclass will help you get clear on what to share on Instagram, how to find your ideal customer, reaching out and making connections in an authentic way and converting people into paying clients through this magical platform.

It’s not just about the practical steps: the only thing that’s stopped you making better use of Instagram is… you!

After this masterclass you're going to walk away with confidence as you start using Instagram more strategically, with the belief that you have something valuable to offer and know how to use the platform to bring your wellness business more money.

What does that mean? 

+ No more procrastinating on Instagram watching everyone else nail it while you do nothing

+ No more struggles to know what to post to your grid or on your IG Stories

+ No more giving it everything but seeing zero results

+ No more feeling confused about the algorithm and how to reach the right people

+ No more fear and insecurity about promoting paid offerings on Instagram

It’s time for you to do this! You love Instagram and your biggest frustration right now is that you know it could be a great source of connection and customers for your business. But you don’t know how to use it without looking like a pushy sales person, you’re worrying what other people will think of you and you’re overwhelmed with tactics and strategies you’re bombarded with online.

Get ready to walk away with confidence in how to engage with your ideal customers on Instagram, create awesome content, get found by new people that need you and use the full functionality of Instagram to best serve you and your business.

You'll learn:

+ The importance of an engaged audience (and how to get one without dodgy tactics and comment pods)

+ How to find your ideal clients (so you’re taking positive action and not just relying on the algorithm to get you found) 

+ How to sell on Instagram (and the ways to do it that feel authentic and packed with value rather than pushy)

+ What to post on your grid (because those little squares are the reason people follow you!) 

+ How to use IGTV and Instagram Stories to maximum effect (even if you hate being on camera) 

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Here's what attendees at my previous Masterclasses have to say:


I absolutely loved the Masterclass! Vicky's enthusiasm is contagious and I love the way she brings the community feel to the class and makes it personal for those joining.

There were a lot of knowledge bombs dropped in 2hrs and even if something wasn't relevant to exactly where I am, I made lots of notes knowing it will be helpful in the future, and will give me more confidence for when I get to it! Thank you Vicky for an excellent and fun class.

Absolute mega value for money. Vicky is very credible and knowledgeable. She’s so generous in what she shares and there’s no undertone of wanting to sell more.


Vicky managed to cover everything necessary in this Masterclass whilst at the same time giving confidence and encouragement and making it feel relevant to each individual. Definitely recommend!

Tracy A.

Watched the masterclass on replay as I couldn't attend live.

A great class - clear, concise with some excellent information that took away much of the uncertainty on how to do things. Even though I've been blogging a while now took a lot from it. Some great resources to investigate further.

I teach and speak all over the UK and Ireland about using social media to promote your wellness business. This is an exclusive online masterclass with fresh material I’ve designed just for you.

WHAT: How to use Instagram for your wellness business, online masterclass

WHEN: Tuesday 10th September 2019, 7-9pm London / Dublin time

WHERE: Online via a unique weblink (so you can take part or watch from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world)

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Can’t make it live? No worries! When you sign up you’ll receive the recording of the masterclass direct to your inbox and have access to it for forever to watch back in your own time and at your own pace.

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You feel like you’re on Instagram constantly and yet it isn’t turning into customers

  • You pour hours into content that gets little or no feedback and it feels like you’re shouting into the abyss

  • You know the people you’re talking to could be clients but you don’t know how to shift that conversation

  • You’re constantly watching your Instagram follower number and it dictates your mood

  • You know what you wish you were doing on Instagram but you’re too afraid to make it happen

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I don’t make any money from my wellness business Instagram account, is this masterclass for me?

Yes! If you want to attract clients and customers for your wellness business through Instagram this masterclass is for you. Whether you’re just getting started or have been trying for a while, there’s loads you’ll pick up about using Instagram for massive business impact.

I already attract a few customers to my wellness business through Instagram, but I’d like to make more. Can I learn something?

Absolutely. If you’ve already started using Instagram and are seeing the effects there’s loads you can build on. With some small and simple tweaks to what you’re posting and how you’re engaging you’ll see that seed grow in to a steady stream of enquiries and orders.

I’m not a wellness entrepreneur, can I still join the masterclass?

Yes of course! I’ve had lots of different business owners use my content. If you’ve got products and services to sell through Instagram, you will benefit.

My passion is helping wellness entrepreneurs, but Instagram for business is a universal concept that can help all online businesses. You are more than welcome to join the masterclass and gain knowledge that can be applied to any industry.

Still not sure if this masterclass is for you?

Drop me a line on vicky @ vickyshilling . com and ask me any other questions you have. I’m happy to help.


Book now for €49

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