[003] How to name your wellness business

How to name your wellness business.png

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This podcast is based around this blog post where you can find more on the following things I discuss:

  • Why you should seriously consider using your own name for your wellness business (and my own experience of this starting out as The Flourishing Pantry)

  • Visibility and the uncomfortable truth that ‘people buy from people.’ Fear, doubt or worries about what other people will think if you use your own name or get found online.

  • How trends will change when it comes to naming your business and you don’t want to fall on the wrong side of history

  • Accepting that your offering will change and your brand name needs to always encompass what your business does

  • How your business name needs to give your ideal customers clarity

If you want more support naming your wellness business, find out more about coaching with me. We can work together one-to-one and bust through those blocks holding you back.