[004] Trying to do all the things with Laura Agar Wilson

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Some of the things we talked about:

  • Shifting and changing as a person and investigating where we feel resistance in moving into a new area of business

  • Trying to do all the things and struggling to let go of where things started, where your identity began from

  • Not having one big realisation that you’re doing all the things, but a gradual awakening that you can’t continue stretching yourself

  • Reframing the ‘failure’ of stepping away from aspects of your business as testing and ‘course correcting.’

  • What to actually focus on when you’re getting started in a wellness business

  • Why you need to market beyond just posting on Instagram - and what that looks like in practical terms

Laura’s tips for what to actually focus on when you’re getting started:

  • Get clarity on who you are serving and how (but don’t procrastinate)

  • Build an audience by starting on social media (before you launch products)

  • Create a website (talk to Laura if you want a WordPress one designing for you)

  • Sign up 1:1 clients (and that might mean working your in-real-life network to start with, not just online)

Some of the resources we mentioned:

If you want to find out more about Laura Agar Wilson and the work she does:

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Or take a look at Laura’s wellness website: Wholeheartedly Laura

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