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Hi, I'm Vicky Shilling

nice to meet you

I’m completely obsessed with helping you just start now when it comes to growing your wellness business.

I’ve always been someone who loves to get things done. 

When I was a teenager I didn’t just play an instrument: I got appointed as a social rep and organised events, and planned the first ever summer tour for my uni orchestra by plane.
When I worked in the classical music industry for over a decade I got a reputation which I didn’t realise was so unusual: “if you ask Vicky to do something, it actually gets done.”
Working with my clients now, I get the same feedback time and time again: “working with you I’ve got more done in the last few weeks than I did on my own for years.”

In 2016, fed up with recurring bouts of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I resolved to change my diet and lifestyle to try and address my symptoms.
There was plenty of action needed: new recipes to try, books and blogs to read, events to attend where I could discover more.

From taking those actions things grew. Small at first, the blog I founded went on to win awards and turned into a community of real-life friends. I founded a series of wellness retreats for women with a Nutritional Therapist friend I’d met.
Those actions led me to a networking event where I learned about coaching and then to train to be a coach myself. With my newfound skills I turned to my blog audience and asked who would like coaching with me. And so it has grown from there.

How do I get stuff done?

Through taking action.


What lights me up?

Being someone who is able to just start now takes two things:


Solid, strategic, know-how and business savvy


A mindset that supports big brave action to get results

And let’s be honest: neither of these things comes naturally or easily to any of us. No one is born with them. I know I certainly wasn’t. 

I remember what felt like the physical effort of having to learn how to do everything required to have my own business from building a website to getting comfortable with sales. I had to drag my mind, which was kicking and screaming and desperate to stay in its comfort zone, with me on the ride. I have been where you are.

But both these ingredients need to be cultivated in order to become a successful business owner. And that is what I love to help you do.

My secret sauce...

Is blending the practical strategy with the thriving mindset to get the outcomes you desire. I teach you all the things I’ve discovered are business vitals in easy-to-understand accessible chunks and hold up the mirror to where your mind is sabotaging you from taking action and implementing what you’ve learned.

Because what I noticed through my mentoring was that telling my clients what to do and giving them the practical steps alone, wasn’t enough to get results.

My magic...

Is in being able to break down and make achievable the practical and strategic parts of business building. And help you notice and re-programme negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that will otherwise hold you back (a process I like to call limiting belief whack-a-mole - you never know when they’re going to pop up!).

Knowing what you’re doing at a functional level combined with self-confidence and a deep-rooted belief in yourself means you get the outcomes you want.

Strategy + Beliefs = Business Prosperity

My values

Being honest and transparent with you about what is possible when you build a business and the context from which I have built my own, is important to me as an ethical business owner. I’m all about celebrating the wins but also sharing the tough days too. 

Read about my values, privileges and practices if you’d like to know more about 
what ethical business is to me.

My story so far...


  • Joined Instagram. 
  • Started my blog The Flourishing Pantry. 
  • Became obsessed with health and knew I wanted to be involved, but didn’t know how. 


  • Quit my job and moved from London to Dublin.
  • Shadowed a health coach to suss out career options.
  • Worked for the Health Bloggers Community. 
  • My blog won its first award.


  • Started a series of wellness retreats. 
  • My blog won a second award (Ireland’s Health Blogger Of The Year). 
  • Freelanced in the music industry to pay the bills. 
  • Trained as a coach.
  • Married my Irish boyfriend. 


  • Started taking paying coaching clients. 
  • Ran a retreat in Portugal. 
  • Cried a lot and worried I’d never make it as my own boss. 
  • Still freelanced in the music industry to bring in extra income. 
  • Launched a podcast.


  • Launched my membership. 
  • Got fully booked with clients. 
  • Had a €17k month.
  • Didn’t work a single day in the music industry and could finally say I was a full time business coach. 
  • Had a baby.


  • Ran my first group programme. 
  • Grew my membership. 
  • Worked with 18 1:1 clients. 
  • Wrote my first book
  • Ran my business with no childcare for 8 months.


  • Released my book.
  • Hosted my first Just Start Now® summit and CEO Days in England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Hit a 6 figure income.
  • Bought a house!

Party time!


  • Training as a self-belief coach.
  • Released my audiobook.

Now it's your turn

Find out more about my Just Start Now® course and community, where I bring together practical business-building know-how with mindset work, accountability and a buzzing group of wellness practitioners just like you who are ready to take action to build and grow their business.

I can't wait to help you Just Start Now


Join the course and community-

Just Start Now® is the answer you’ve been looking for to turn your wellness qualification into a fully fledged business.

Get lifetime access to the support and tools you need to take steps to a fulfilling and profitable job doing what you love.


What my clients say



Her honesty on what it takes to build a successful wellness business is a breath of fresh air. I trusted her guidance implicitly and knew early on I had made the right decision in choosing to have her as my mentor.

Vicky really is the expert in her field and was always so generous with sharing her knowledge and what she has learned along the way.”

Niamh Walsh, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

"Working with Vicky was the best investment I could have made in myself and my business.

With Vicky's help, I over came every fear and managed to build a successful business. She has a wonderful way of helping you reframe your fears/doubts as well as giving you the tools to build a successful business. To anyone considering working with Vicky, go for it. She is amazing at what she does and this service is worth every penny!"

Sarah Hawkins, Nutritionist

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