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It’s time to step into the wellness business you’ve been dreaming of

Just Start Now  is the course and community you’ve been looking for to stop the overwhelm and paralysis and start taking action in your wellness business.


YOU have a dream to impact the world’s health, earn great money and create the flexibility you know a solopreneur lifestyle can bring you. 

WE have the support, tools, and community to turn you into the business owner that makes all that possible — in a supported and structured way that breaks down the steps and gets you where you want to go. 

Sign up and join us for Monthly Live Q&As, goal setting & accountability sessions all the way through the year + course and community access.


Option 1: One-time payment €1000
Option 2: 12 monthly payments of €90 

Enrolment is now closed.

Doors will open again in September 2024. 

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If figuring out all the ‘business’ stuff is feeling hard, but you know deep down you were made to help people with their health…

then Just Start Now is perfect for you.

No matter how qualified you are, no matter how many courses and CPD trainings you do, and no matter how much you think you can figure it out alone…
Until you lay the right foundations, you’ll never have the kind of business that you 
dream about.

Does this sound like you?

You’re a qualified wellness practitioner – whether that’s freshly out of training, a few months in or even a long-time professional in the game years. And yet turning all that hard earned (and paid for!) knowledge into a business? You’re really struggling. 

You’re overwhelmed with all the business tips and know-how floating around: you’re in paralysis and doing nothing which is denting your confidence and belief that it’ll ever happen for you

You’re spending hours a day being ‘busy’ on your wellness business, but never doing the things that seem to really move the needle or turn into the amount of clients, bookings and income you want.

You feel pushed for time - people with thriving businesses seem to spend hours on growing their brand. Yet even if you had the time, you’re not sure what actually works - what if you get it wrong?

You’re confused about what you should be offering in terms of packages and programmes. You scroll through social media seeing what everyone else does and it leaves you feeling even more muddled. 

You’re starting to wonder if you’re just going mad - all you see is ‘influencers’ making millions or people on the other end of the spectrum who don’t make a dime using their wellness qualification, isn’t there somewhere in between?

And yet despite all that confusion and doubt... you have a huge desire and belief you can positively impact the world’s health and happiness. But right now, you’re just frustrated.

If any of the above feels familiar to you…

Just Start Now  is the answer you’ve been looking for, to finally build a profitable wellness business and start helping the people that need you.


Join our community

of encouraging and ambitious wellness business owners now

Complete life-time access training with bonus community, expert support and monthly group coaching with Vicky.

Training modules available as audio or video with English subtitles.

What my clients say


“Just Start Now has been the best thing I could possibly have done for me and my business.

The value in what you provide is immeasurable as far as I'm concerned. I'm in such a good place with my business right now: I was completely lost and demoralised before I joined Just Start Now.

[When I first joined, I remember] having a peek at the marketing module [at the end of the Core Content], and it felt so scary. Now, after moving through all the other modules first, I just feel curious and excited which is what I’ve enjoyed the most - that feeling of knowing I can do it. Even if it doesn’t all work out the first time.. 😃"

- Kim


I am delighted with what I have achieved, especially when I look back to last autumn.  I now have a fully functioning website, mailing list (albeit a very small one!) and lead magnet, all of which I tried multiple times last year to put in place, but was never able to follow through on. I have much better structures in place: I am setting 90-day goals and tracking them monthly and weekly, and I love this structure. I now have spreadsheets for finance, for content creation, and for recurring weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks - all of which I am actually using!"

- Marci

“I have been blown away by your support, responsiveness and interest in everyone in the community. It has far exceeded my expectations.

I am finding all of the content so, so helpful and it's building on some of the courses I've done with you before. [Since joining Just Start Now] my two 'package' 1:1 clients are working well with me and will continue on past their initial sign up period. I've been pushing myself out of my comfort zone pitching for radio stations appearances. I'm learning that I just have to give it a go!"

- Deirdre

“[Thank you so much to Vicky and the community. It’s a wonderful place and I feel very privileged to be here.

Joining Just Start Now has been eye-opening... because what I’ve really learned going through the Core Content is to really listen to the public. I now feel so much better - before I really felt like I was banging my head against a wall. I realised within the first two modules - I was reaching out to the wrong people! [Having completed the Core Content] I now know what I’m about and I’m in a really really good place. I’m very excited about the work I’m now doing… and I booked an ideal client just this week with just a phone call and they said “you sound perfect!"

- Irene

Enrolment is now closed and will re-open later in 2024. 

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Hello! My name is Vicky Shilling

…and I’m here to fill the gap between where you are right now: amazingly qualified wellness practitioner, and where you want to be: thriving successful business owner. 

If you’ve been looking for a comprehensive answer to the question “how do I make this all into a business in a way that feels good?” then you’ve come to the right place. 

But… I want to be straight up with you. My approach is about sustainability. 

Health and wellness pros like you are heart-led, compassionate, caring and often sensitive people.  So the “push push push, sell sell sell” model that most online business gurus offer is not going to work for you.

I’m here as the antithesis to all that. I’m your Steady Eddie. Your tortoise against the hare. 

Me, my approach and the Just Start Now® course and community is your reliable companion to finding the incremental and enjoyable way to turn what you are amazing at into a sustainable income. 

Sound good? Come on in

Business stages courtesy of Julie Creffield

Who is Just Start Now for?

This community is for you if you have a qualification in health and wellness but you’re struggling to find ease and flow with bringing in customers and making money. Whether you’re fresh out of college and haven’t a clue where to start, or you’re a few years in but feeling lost and like what worked before is no longer getting results, this space is held for you to Just Start Now taking action to make change.

If you take a look at this pyramid as a way to think about business growth, if you’re at the Embryonic, Fledgling or Adolescence stages then you are definitely in the right place. 

Some people in the Just Start Now community are side-hustling their wellness business alongside a full-time job, others are looking to upscale and grow an existing wellness business that isn’t fulfilling them right now. However you’re doing it there’s someone on the inside in the same position or a few steps ahead who can share their advice with you.

Whatever the stage, we have everything you need. 

If you’re on this page right now, it means you want to make your business a success. 

You’ve got big dreams. You know you’re capable. You’re ready to run the prosperous business you know is in you.

You’re not one to settle for doing the qualification and then get back to your normal life, the boring thing you were doing before you learned all this stuff. 

What’s the key? 

It’s to start now focusing on the right things. 

I’ve stripped back starting a wellness business to the essential core. I’ve made it easy to understand. And most importantly, easy to take action on. 

I’ve watched, learned, paid for, studied and brought together all the online business skills and tips I can see really get success in the wellness industry so that anyone could apply them.

Starting your own business isn’t easy. But it is totally possible for someone like you if you take the right steps and get the best support. Creating the business of your dreams (and the flexible life that comes with it) is so much simpler than you think.

Lose the complexity and come learn how it can be done in a much more streamlined and effective way. A way that allows you to be authentic and aligned and make an income doing what you’re incredible at. 

If you join us you will get the hidden blueprint that you’ve been looking for. I’ve laid it all out for you.

Start. Succeed. Sustain.

You cannot build the business you want without the right foundations. 

Everyone that joins Just Start Now® moves through the same Core Content to ensure you lay roots that are strong from which you can flourish and grow. 

The basics can’t be skipped.

If you start in the right place, you’ll set yourself up to succeed. 

And once you’re succeeding, we can support you to sustain that success. 

But first you must start. 

What my clients say



Since joining Just Start Now I’ve been able to hone in on my ideal client, really get to know who I want to help and offer the best services to help them.

Just Start Now has helped me value my business and myself."

Janice Tracey, Nutritional Therapist & Lifestyle Coach

“I am getting leads and making myself more visible.

Just Start Now is a great foundation to starting your business - how to do things and support for questions and queries. Being a member means I know there’s support available to me and gives me the motivation to go out and do things and try and get business."

Melisa Jermin, Naturopath and herbal Medicine Practitioner

“Just Start Now is an amazing bunch of women who are so supportive.

Vicky is a fountain of knowledge and I love her no bullshit approach.

Everything in it is 100% actionable and so well thought out - it's just about getting off your butt and putting it into action."

Susan Horgan, Nutritional Therapist

"Just Start Now has helped me move forward. I now feel like a business owner.

Joining Just Start Now gave me much needed clarity and structure. I had all the essential business information in one place.

Since signing up I’ve had more signups in my group programme which has meant more income. I’ve developed the mindset required to set goals and am clear on my business messaging."

Disha Kagdada, Wellness Coach

Here is the tried, tested & proven blueprint to building your wellness business:

Phase 1


(2 modules)

  • Clarity on your vision for yourself and your business, taking you from big picture to clear action steps 

  • Clarity on who you serve and how. Helping you stand out from the crowd and get seen as an expert

Phase 2


(2 modules)

  • Packaging your expertise and knowledge into irresistible offers for your ideal clients 

  • Pricing in a way that gets your customers buying and makes you a sustainable income 

Phase 3


(2 modules)

  • Get comfortable with sales so that you can bring in customers in a way that feels fun, not ‘icky 

  • Master the art of discovery calls and sales conversations, so you convert ideal clients into paying customers

Phase 4


(3 modules)

  • Building a website that attracts the dream customers you want to work with

  • Growing a mailing list that gives you a direct line to spread your message and make sales 

Phase 5


(3 modules)

  • Creating consistent content online that really speaks to your ideal client

  • Practical tools and know-how to achieve that elusive engagement and draw in customers 

  • Building a community with people who want to support, champion and buy from you 

In addition to life-time access to the CORE content, you’re also getting

Monthly live Q&As

Ask questions and pick the brains of me and the group on how to tackle problems and issues coming up in your business.

Supportive community

Stay connected to other wellness business owners on the same journey as you. Ask questions, get support and feedback on what you’re working on between the monthly calls.

Copywriting clinic

Struggle with your words, but know they’re important to attracting ideal customers? 

Whether it’s crafting the perfect social media caption, sales-page or website copy, we have an in-house copywriter who provides personalised feedback every month. 

Hand-picked PR opportunities

My team and I pick out current PR and press opportunities that you could pitch yourself for and get featured in local, national and online publications as a wellness expert, boosting your credibility and bookings. 

Monthly goal setting and accountability sessions

Each quarter we set 90 day goals and then monthly we check in on those plans to see our progress. 

Divided into break-out groups, these mini masterminds give you space to brainstorm any problems along the way and gain from listening to other people’s experiences and challenges in businesses just like yours. 

Amazing bonuses

On top of all that, you’ll also get access to these:

10 hand-picked masterclasses & training

Member of the Month

1 x ticket to Just Start Now live

I’ve selected 10 of the most useful and impactful trainings I’ve ever delivered or commissioned to get your business really thriving:

  • How to develop your personal brand with Eva Blake
  • An introduction to market research with Helen Baker
  • How to get your business legit with Lucy Legal
  • How to make your wellness business inclusive with Sarah Taylor
  • How to use Facebook adverts to grow your mailing list with Polly Lavarello
  • How to get great testimonials
  • When and how to hire help in your business
  • How to market your business without social media (access to my full 4-part mini-course) 
  • How to create sell-out online events
  • How to run free webinars to upsell your offer

I’ve selected 10 of the most useful and impactful trainings I’ve ever delivered or commissioned to get your business really thriving including:

  • How to get your business legit with Lucy Legal
  • How to make your wellness business inclusive with Sarah Taylor
  • How to use Facebook adverts to grow your mailing list with Polly Lavarello
  • How to market your business without social media (full access to my course) 
  • How to create sell-out online events

10 hand-picked masterclasses & training

Member of the Month

1 x ticket to Just Start Now live

Engage, ask questions, show up, take action. If I see you’re throwing yourself into it you have a chance to win Member of the Month. 

Winners get 48hrs access to me on voice-note and messaging app Voxer so I can give you personalised mentoring on whatever you need help with.

10 hand-picked masterclasses & training

Member of the Month

1 x ticket to Just Start Now live

In the year you join I’m gifting you one free ticket to my in-person wellness business owners summit.

Join us live to connect in person with your community and hear from special guests and inspiring role models in the solopreneur health industry. Location TBC. 


Option 1: One-time payment €1000
Option 2: 12 monthly payments of €90 

Enrolment is now closed.

Doors will open again in September 2024. 

Join the waitlist to get alerts when doors open 👇🏼

"If you’re considering joining then do it! There's so much inside that you don't need other courses which just act as a distraction."

What's inside Just Start Now?

Join our community of encouraging and ambitious wellness business owners now

Complete life-time access training with bonus community, expert support and monthly group coaching with Vicky.

Training modules available as audio or video with English subtitles

What my clients say


“Just Start Now has been invaluable especially when it comes to my mindset.

The Just Start Now training portal is packed full of so many incredible resources that have really helped me to lay the most important foundations for my business. Because of Just Start Now, I no longer feel lost.

I now recognise the value of my business and feel confident in making my business the success I want it to be."

Serena O’Reilly, Plant-Based Nutrition Coach

“I’m now more confident about speaking about my offers and selling.

Being part of Just Start Now means I’m not on my own anymore: there’s always someone to bounce ideas off and I feel as though I have some accountability. I now feel as though there’s possibilities out there instead of feeling stuck and not sure what to do.

I now have a more deep-rooted faith in myself to make things happen, as opposed to always doubting myself."

Meg Sloan, Self-Worth Coach

"In Just Start Now I have found a group of inspiring people.

It's like having a really big hug on tap as the group is full of celebration, inspiration and empathy as we all work towards our goal of being visible and successful in our businesses. 
Just Start Now has the perfect balance of useful training, real-life guidance, practical support and brilliant atmosphere for anyone who wants to build a wellness business."

Maija Tweeddale, Nutritional Therapist

It’s time to stop:

Looking at business courses that aren’t designed for health practitioners and your unique way of working 

Investing in random bits of your business journey on a whim because you saw a Facebook advert

Feeling like the only way to make money is to be pushy, salesy and use marketing strategies that leave you feeling gross 

And time to start:

Accessing the full and comprehensive, step-by-step plan to taking your wellness business from zero to booked up

Learning where to focus your limited time and energy to get real results and attract ideal customers 

Getting support, accountability and generally the good kick-up-the-bum you know you need to make this happen 

This course and community contains everything you need to turn your expertise into a sustainable income

It’s hosted by me, Vicky Shilling: 
The Wellness Business Mentor

I help people step into wellness careers, find their confidence and build a work-life that truly serves both them and the people they want to help in the world. 

Over the last 4 years I’ve supported over 250 health entrepreneurs through 1:1 coaching, in-person and online workshops and they’ve experienced incredible results:

  • Launched passion filled blogs to share their health journeys
  • Spoken at their first corporate wellness events
  • Spoken at their first corporate wellness events 
  • Moved into their own treatment premises 
  • Quit their jobs to go full-time into their wellness businesses

Now it’s your turn


Option 1: One-time payment €1000
Option 2: 12 monthly payments of €90 

Enrolment is now closed.

Doors will open again in September 2024. 

Join the waitlist to get alerts when doors open 👇🏼

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to work through the content?

I don't believe you can lay the groundwork for a truly successful wellness business in just a few weeks. Anyone who tells you it's possible isn't telling the whole story! 

The core content is designed to be consumed and acted on (because that's where the results actually come, the action bit!) over 6 months. 

I fully expect that if you implement what you've learned and ask for help when you need it, you can have your business up and running and getting clients within 6 months, even if you're starting from scratch. 

Alongside the core content our monthly live Q&As and accountability sessions will help keep you on-track and give you the opportunity to ask questions and get support working through any blocks that come up with the training. You can even join us for a co-working session every week to get it done with others online!

It sounds expensive, I'm not sure I can justify it

I hear you. You've invested a lot already in your qualification and I bet probably a few other courses to boot to try and get you where you want to be. 

I know Just Start Now® is not the cheapest business course on the market. I’m proud of that and totally stand by it.

Here’s why:

  • When you invest in yourself at this level you’re more likely to take action. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is going to get you really laser focused and following through, far more than a ‘throw away’ amount that you can easily forget. 

  • This course and community honestly has everything inside it in terms of training and support to get a profitable business, so that you can more than make back your fee if you implement what you are taught. You might have been burned before but this contains everything you've been looking for. 

  • I've done a lot of research on what's out there to support people like you in the wellness sector. There is nothing that rivals this in terms of content and on-going support at this price point.

How many people are inside Just Start Now? Am I going to feel overwhelmed?

Just Start Now® is not a massive, overwhelming community. It’s small - right now our membership is around 80, and I don’t expect it will grow much beyond 150 in 2024. 

I like knowing your business, keeping you accountable and for you to get to know the others in the group. 

If you’ve been in communities before where you can’t keep up, there’s a million messages flying left-right-and-centre and you feel like you’re drowning before you even start, this is totally different!

It sounds great! Can I join any time?

No. Enrolment is currently closed while I focus on taking the current members through my Core training. Doors will open again in autumn 2024, exact dates TBC. 

If you don't want to miss the next enrolment, join the waitlist and I'll send you all the details when doors open again.

What sort of businesses do the Just Start Now community have?

A total range! From product based subscription boxes and food products, to health coaches, yoga instructors, hypnotherapists, health coaches and nutritionists. 

There is so much to learn from other businesses and their models and approaches, and a surprising amount you’ll realise is the same no matter what sort of business you’re growing.

What kind of results can I expect from joining Just Start Now?

This course and what you get out of it is very much dependent on you, where you’re at in business and what work you do and action you take based on the calls and resources.

The resources and training can enable you to achieve things like:

  • Get clarity on your business goals 
  • Write an ideal client avatar that helps your message shine 
  • Create a website that attracts clients 
  • Grow a mailing list that gets you bookings 
  • Gain confidence to get visible and appear on camera to attract customers
  • Develop an Instagram strategy that turns browsers into buyers 
  • Expand a Facebook group into a true community 
  • Build a strong enough grounding to finally make your business sustainable and profitable
  • Grow a client base without relying on social media

Have a listen to this podcast episode with five Just Start Now members talking about their experiences and results from being inside the community. 

What time are the live calls, and what happens if I can’t attend them?

Live Q&A sessions are monthly Mondays 12.30pm GMT/BST. 

Live goal setting and accountability sessions are monthly Mondays 09.15am GMT/BST.

Co-Working Sessions are Wednesdays 9.30-11.30am GMT/BST. We use one of these every 6 weeks for our Content Planning Session. 

The full schedule for Just Start Now 2024 is here.

The calls are a great part of Just Start Now® to ask me questions live and build a sense of community with the group, but they’re not essential. 

What will really move you forward is watching and applying the Core Content and using the community to ask questions and get support to take action. 

You will always be able to submit questions in advance for the live Q&As and you will given access to the replays to watch back in your own time.

What is the cancellation policy?

How much access do I get to you Vicky? 

Great question. 

Because Just Start Now is not a huge programme I really do get to know you and can answer your questions if you ask them in our online community space or join us on live calls (which happen fortnightly, if not more). Sometimes our live calls might have less than 5-10 people attending at one time which means you're highly likely to get some personalised attention from me - I love to check in and see how I can help so you're not left feeling stuck.  

That being said, and just to be clear, this is not a 1:1 or hybrid programme. It's a self-paced course and community where I am really present and available for you as much as I can be if you show up for calls and ask questions in our spaces. We give you the whole schedule for the year so you can plan when to join us (check it out here) and you can always submit a question if the live call doesn't suit. 

There are also exclusive ways to work with me 1:1 that are only offered to Just Start Now members for an additional investment if more personalised support is what you feel you need. 


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