Guest features

I write for many guest blogs and publications, sharing my knowledge and expertise on building a wellness business. I also write about goal setting, organisation and mastering your mindset. If you would like me to write for you, get in touch.


How to start achieving your goals

Shine Sheets

Are you an online course junkie? There’s always more to learn. The problem is, we spend so much time digesting other people’s advice and suggestions, we never actually get started with what we want to do.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach

Listen to your audience


“The biggest lesson for me in following my passion has been to truly trust and listen to my audience. Without them and their feedback, I would never have been able to identify what I want to do.”

The future of entrepreneurship

The future of entrepreneurship in one word

CEO Nation

I joined 27 other business owners to describe the future of entrepreneurship in just one word.


4 reasons you don’t give yourself credit

Thrive Global

Celebrating your wins is an important part of growing and achieving goals. So why are we so bad at taking credit when it's due? I dig in to four reasons that hold me back from patting myself on the back.


How to stay healthy while chasing your dreams

It’s all you boo

“While we chase those dreams and create something we love, looking after ourselves and our health is often the first thing to go from the to-do list…”

SEO tips for wellness businesses

5 SEO hacks for health and wellness business

If SEO is one of the things on your long-list to do, but you think it’s too complicated to get your head around, you need to read this.


Why Pinterest is the missing piece in your marketing strategy

Many people overlook Pinterest as a key way to drive traffic to their website. In this piece for marketing consultant Emma Downey I give you the reasons you need to reassess and make it part of your marketing plan.

The Reset | Retreats for women

I ditched my career to pursue the job of my dreams

“From the world of classical music to making waves in the wellness industry, Vicky Shilling has had quite the career transformation in the last five years…”

Self care tips for busy women

Self-care tips for busy working women

Some of the best tips I share with guests on The Reset retreats and at our events when it comes to self-care for exceptionally busy people.