Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Holistic Health Coach & Culinary Nutrition Expert


Going into my coaching session with Vicky I knew I wanted some clarity for the direction of my business. Vicky puts you at ease right away and gently guides you throughout the session to dig deep.

The coaching session was hugely beneficial to me and has given me huge motivation moving forward with my business. I cannot recommend Vicky highly enough.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Health coach and yoga instructor


My coaching session with Vicky was so insightful and helpful to me and to my business and I would highly recommend her. My mind was in overdrive about preconceived ideas of what I should be doing and stressing about how to do it.

During the session Vicky guided me to remember my experience and skills and how I can utilise them going forward. Learning from her experience she also gave me some great tips and tools to use.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Health Coach


Loved working with Vicky. The fact that she understands the health and wellness sector is a massive bonus and she brings her own experience of attracting and retaining customers to the conversation.

The gentle, yet pincer-like approach she has to ensuring you draw out the nuances of what is and isn't working within your business is powerful.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Nutritional Therapy student


Through coaching with Vicky I got the space to really drill down into what were the barriers to stopping me succeed - and these were not the things that I thought were holding me back. Vicky has a way of helping you find the answers you didn't know were there all along.

This has been my first experience with coaching so I wasn't sure what to expect (did I even need a coach?). Vicky has made it a real pleasure.

She's skilled at helping you understand the real issues at play and help you create your own solutions to those barriers to success. I'd definitely recommend her.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Vicky has an amazing way of helping you feel at ease and discover your story and your why behind your work and your vision. Together she helps you discover your next steps to bring your vision forward with greater clarity and manageable steps to get you there. I also felt that I was able to take what I learned from the session and apply it to my business.

Vicky has a gift in capturing your essence and your passion and packaging it so beautifully in her session recap.

Vicky is genuine, caring and wants to see you succeed.

I was apprehensive to create my first day retreat and it was the perfect thing to get me out of my comfort zone and let me do the work that lights me up.

I would highly recommend Vicky if you're looking to take your business to the next level or are looking for greater clarity around your next steps.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Nutritionist and Blogger


Coaching with Vicky has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. I had put off starting my blog for years. Vicky coached me through my barriers and helped me through the process, from picking a host, to decided on content and finally to launch.

I have been coached on various topics and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to start or move something forward.

Nichola Flood The Queen of Health


Health & Nutritional Coach


I really enjoyed our sessions together: I looked forward to each one and will always remember our first session as I was ready and was so motivated afterwards.

Working with you allowed me to develop my strengths and put my goals ahead of my fears.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach


Nutritional Therapist turned illustrator


I honestly felt supported throughout each session. Vicky didn't come up with the answers for me, she helped tease them out myself which I think is more beneficial. Vicky helped me to see what I really wanted and just listened and guided the whole time.

I had a major shift in direction going from a health and wellness business to illustration and Vicky was behind me 100%. She supported and advised me the whole time being a friendly voice to chat to every few weeks. She kept me accountable and was just an absolute pleasure to work with.

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach

Donna Ford

Personal branding photographer and interiors blogger


I love Vicky’s approach to coaching and honestly don’t know how she helps the answers to come from within. Each session we focussed on a different aspect of my business/life and I left each session lighter, knowing I had solutions and could make things happen.

Thank you Vicky! I’ll be recommending you to everyone!

Vicky Shilling | Wellness industry business coach

Paula Travers

Chartered Accountant


I found myself at a crossroads in my business, and I was seeking some clarity around some decisions that I knew I had to make, from somebody independent but suitably qualified.

With agility Vicky drew the answers that I was seeking from me, and I was left with a clear action plan at the end of our time together.

The quality of resources provided i.e. a recording of our call and a copy of her comprehensive notes, were excellent and has provided me with a great reference resource.

I would highly recommend working with Vicky.