This is your...

Turning Point

Ready to build a business but don’t know where to start?

Take your wellness business from big idea to clear next steps in 
24 hours.

You don’t have to be great to start.
But you have to start to be great

There couldn’t be a better time to start than right now… 

I see you. You’re excited about the skills and knowledge you have in the world of wellness. 

You’ve trained and you know the impact you can have on people’s health. You’ve transformed your own health - imagine who else you could help! 

You’re brimming with ideas. 

You just want to be helping people.
And yet… it’s not happening. 

You’re paralysed. 

You’re bombarded with conflicting advice about how to turn all this amazing knowledge into a business that makes you a sustainable income. 

There are business coaches and advice everywhere on your feeds. Yet you aren’t taking action. 

Facebook adverts? A mailing list? Investing in a pricey website and brand? You’re completely overwhelmed. 

Your packages are just ideas, you post randomly to social media and you’re feeling ‘busy’ but get no real results. 

Deep down you’re terrified no-one will pay you.

This is all just a hobby really… isn’t it?

What if someone gave you an aligned and achievable plan to launch your business, clear actions to move you forward and straightened out the stories in your head that are holding you back…
all in just one day?

What if...

  • You started being visible and seen as an expert, the go-to person in your field and the first name on everyone’s lips when it comes to massive impact in health?

  • You created online content that connected so fully with the people you want to help that they shout “That’s exactly what I need!” when they read it?

  • You finally left that 9-5 corporate job you’ve known for years you hate and replaced that income by stepping into who you want to be in the world of wellness, with a sense of confidence, security and ease?
  • You came to the desk with skip in your step: purposeful and clear on what you need to do to really move the needle and to see enquiries, bookings and money flow in? 

  • You stopped investing in course after course to feel worthy and ready to run a wellness business and started doing it in your own aligned, fail-proof way that results in success? 

  • You felt confident to set rates for your work that make the income you want and result in massively impactful change in the people you work with?

What my clients say


“Working with VICKY gave me clarity and a plan on moving forward.

Before working with Vicky I was unsure how to move forward with niching my health coaching business. I really felt that Vicky wanted me to thrive and go onto bigger and bigger things. I’m now more confident about my offer and selling it and overall I have more faith that my business can be very successful."

Suzie Glaskie, Peppermint Wellness, Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coach

“My Turning Point with Vicky gave me a clear path on how to start, build and maintain a wellness business.

It was great to have somebody there that would totally get where I was coming from. Vicky really listened to me and took on board the skills I have and helped me make them shine. She you knows her stuff and working with her I felt she really wanted me to do well. I feel part of something even if it's online."

Marita Moran, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

“Coaching with Vicky brought my dream business idea to life.

Vicky gave me total confidence that I no longer had to doubt myself on whether I was good enough or qualified enough. 

I now feel super clear on who my ideal customer is and loved the practical and actionable steps that came away from our sessions, and I'm now bringing in monthly recurring revenue."

Hannah Walsh, Ultra Running Coach


Before I came to my Turning Point with Vicky I didn’t know how to get started.

Vicky was brilliant and supportive and helped me create a long-term package for my health coaching business that will enable me to help my clients get better results and achieve my long term goals.”

Anushka Tandon, Health Coach

Let’s turn those ‘ifs’ into your reality right now

I am taking everything I know and teach about how to start a wellness business and turning it into a transformational 24 hours tailored to you to rocket-propel your business start up.

This is a day where you’ll finally get...

Clarity on who you
serve and how

Packages, pricing and a positive money mindset

Visibility and connection

If you don’t know who you want to help, nothing else flows. 

We’ll drill down into who you want to help and get to know your perfect customer inside out. We’ll also get clear on who you are and how you help them in a unique way that makes you truly stand out.  




If your business isn’t making you money, it’s just a hobby, and that’s where most people in wellness are stuck. 

We’ll work together on what income you want to make, how to put together packages that sell and pick apart the mindsets that are blocking you from bringing in a steady stream of paying clients and money.




Everything we do is underlined by being truly present in the world, both on and offline. 

Whether it’s a gorgeous website, stunning social media or the most engaging elevator pitch, we’ll work on building connection with your audience and selling in an effortless way that books your first clients.

Your Turning Point will truly establish you and the business you’ve been dreaming of


It’s hosted by me, Vicky Shilling: 
The Wellness Business Mentor

I help people step into wellness careers, find their confidence and build a work-life that truly serves both them and the people they want to help in the world. 

Over the 4 last years I’ve supported over 250 health entrepreneurs through 1:1 coaching, in-person and online workshops to:

  • Launched passion filled blogs to share their health journeys
  • Spoken at their first corporate wellness events
  • Moved into their own treatment premises 
  • Quit their jobs to go full-time into their wellness businesses

Now it’s your turn


Here's how it works

Go deep on 5 pillars of a successful wellness business

Across the 24 hours we have together I’m going to take you through and personalise my training to your exact needs in order to cover these five vital areas:


get clear on your goals and ideal customer


turn your knowledge into irresistible offers


feel comfortable and confident promoting what you do


build a website and mailing list as your digital home


reach the people that need you most

The content for these is completely bespoke to your needs. Whatever you need to get from each of these sessions, I’ll tailor it to you.

Here are a few of the things I’ve done for clients in previous Turning Point days:

  • Given a full website review and collaborated on copywriting for a new sales page 
  • Provided assessment and refinement of an on-boarding process for a membership 
  • Worked with a client to create a new signature health coaching package from scratch 
  • Prepared feedback on a client’s current social media strategy and clear pointers to improve effectiveness
  • Presented income strategy analysis and discussed a pricing update to meet client’s income targets

At the end of the 24 hours together you’ll walk away with clear actions to move your business forward so that you can

get started straight away.

In person or online - let’s make it work for you

Turning Point days are delivered online or in person, the latter where location and Covid restrictions allow (I can be with you in Dublin or London, let’s talk dates!). 

Whether we’re meeting online or in real life I strongly recommend doing your Turning Point in a new environment - think an Air BnB or hotel for the night - so that you can really think outside the box and immerse yourself in the process rather than getting distracted by chores and your usual daily life. 

If we’re going to meet in person then we can plan the location together - whether that’s a hotel, co-working space or somewhere else fun and inspiring to shake things up and getting you thinking afresh. 

Depending on you and where you’re doing the day from, we’d work on this sort of timetable:

Your Turning Point Day

12.00pm Check-in

12.30-2.00pm Session 1: Clarity

3.00-4.00pm Session 2: Packaging

5.00-6.00pm Session 3: Selling

Evening Free

9.00-10.00am Session 4: Your Sites

10.30-11.30am Session 5: Connection

12.00pm Check-out

Each day can and will be tailored to your needs and availability. 
But you basically need to clear a 24 hour period to totally immerse yourself.

Further learning, support and accountability with lifetime Just Start Now course and community access

After your Turning Point day you will gain access to my Just Start Now course and community, filled with supportive wellness entrepreneurs just like you building their businesses.

Accountability is the name of the game and with allies and cheerleaders, as well as bi-monthly group calls with me, we’ll make sure the work we’ve done at your Turning Point gets put into place and gets results.

Access opens up a treasure trove of all my recorded training and resources; over 50 hours worth of material that you can deep-dive into after our day together to continue your learning and to help you take action. Whether it’s wondering how to do a discovery call, set up your mailing list or plan your content, we’ve got training that covers it all.

Mentor in your pocket voice note access for three months

Turning Point is an intense experience, where you’ll take on-board a huge amount of information and discover where to take action. 

I don’t want any of my clients to feel overwhelmed or alone - the two things I know it’s easy to feel as a solopreneur getting started! So when we finish up our day together, I’ll be giving you voice-note and messenger access to me for three months. 

This means I’ll be your mentor in your pocket (or on your phone, to be precise!) to answer any problems, queries or wobbles you’re having as you put into action the work we’ve done together on your Turning Point day.

Your Turning Point
investment is €3,600 + VAT* 

or 4 x interest free monthly instalments of €900 + VAT*

* VAT. What a bore, hey?! 🙄 Let me explain: 
If you live in the EU then I have to charge VAT unless you are also registered for VAT in your country. 
If you live in a non-EU country (like the UK) then my fee is VAT-free. 
VAT as of 1st March 2021 in Ireland (where I live) is 23%. 
Just thought I’d clear that up while you had your calculator out 🧮

Which includes...

  • 5 x hours tailored coaching sessions

delivered over 24 hours with Vicky taking you through the essentials to set up your wellness business

  • Follow up notes and action plans

with clear next-steps and supporting resources to continue the work we start together

  • Mentor-in-your-pocket voice note and messenger access for three months

after your Turning Point, to cheerlead, problem solve and support you taking action 

  • 1 x 60 minute Power Hour

with me 3 months after your Turning Point day, for extra accountability to those actions and for any further personalised advice you need now you’re putting things into practice

  • Lifetime Just Start Now course and community access

giving you access to fortnightly group coaching calls, hours of further training and resources and a network of like-minded business owners to support you and keep you accountable beyond this Turning Point in your business

Please note venue costs are not included. If we are meeting in person, we’ll discuss location separately. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me if I don’t have a business yet?

Absolutely, that's exactly what I can help with. If you come to the day with a seed of an idea and the passion to start your own wellness business, I can show you everything else you need to know and help you create a plan to make it a reality, in a way that feels good to you.

I already have a business but it's not working how I want it to. Can I book a Turning Point to help me re-start it?

Of course. Because these days are tailored I can make sure the content is designed to take into consideration where you are now and the business that's already in existence, and together we can reimagine what it will look like going forward.

Can I just do the day from my home instead of going to a hotel?

If you really want, yes! But I can’t recommend highly enough getting outside of your normal working and living environment. It really helps you think big and differently, without all the restrictions and distractions of your day-to-day life.

And honestly, when was the last time you invested in yourself like this? Something that’s not just productive and exciting and truly for you, but will also give you space and time for relaxation away from your partner, family, or the usual distractions of home and work? Go on, treat yourself.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes of course, if that makes it easier and more accessible for you.

When you fill in the form to let me know you're interested, talk to me about a payment plan and we'll create something that works for us both.

Can I do it with a friend? We both want to start a business!

100%! This makes me excited and there’s nothing like ‘community over competition.’

If you want me to tailor this Turning Point experience to two of you then I’d be happy to do that. Complete the form and we can talk more.

You used to offer VIP Days, where have they gone?

Turning Point is my updated offer that builds on my VIP Days.

The feedback I received was that whilst the initial 24hrs were really helpful, ongoing support was still vital to implement the ideas discussed. This is why I now include 3 months Voxer voice-note and messaging support and a Power Hour to further facilitate action with me as a guide. If you want to talk about one-off advice for your wellness business, without follow up support, contact me to discuss a bespoke consulting package. 

I think I'm ready! What's your availability like?

Turning Points are totally bespoke, so I will need time to plan and prepare the tailored content I'll be delivering to you. Typically we’ll be booking for a 24 hour period around one month from the day you pay. We can talk availability - fill in this form and we’ll talk about when you’d like to book in.

Ready to book your Turning Point?

Complete the form and I’ll get back to you so we can get it in the diary. I’m excited!


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