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October 7, 2019

[006] How to encourage diversity in the wellness industry with Toral Shah

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Some of the things we talked about:

  • Basing health and wellbeing on how people look, and the dangers this has to our message as wellness experts.
  • Increasing diversity in our messages so we help our audience see people more like themselves and therefore they listen more carefully to our health messages.
  • The fact that we all have prejudices, regardless of our own race, religion or ethnicity.
  • How we can all stand up and support other minorities – even if we feel we don’t identify with that community ourselves.
  • Finding commonality in our messages, rather than division – celebrating our differences rather than using them to divide, polarise and argue.
  • Getting more diversity at health events and panels so we don’t just keep hearing the same things over and over from the same people.
  • Apathy in small things like social media, right through to larger issues like the environment and politics. How we can lift ourselves out of apathy and question things more.
  • Listening and learning different perspectives, not just living in an echo chamber that reinforces our own views.


Some of the resources and topics we covered:


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