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March 30, 2020

[016] How to have conversations with potential clients

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In this podcast I share 5 tips on how to have conversations with potential clients:


  1. Treat people like human beings. Engage on a human level and meet them where they’re at.

  2. Start conversations and ask questions. And stop worrying if no-one replies! You have to appear to be open to talking at all times. Use Calls To Action (CTAs) at all times.
  3. Don’t underestimate Direct Messages. Drop into people’s DMs wherever you can. Get feedback, get input and chat in a personal space. To learn more about building engagement on Instagram, check out this free resource video.
  4. Get people onto calls. If someone shows interest, get them onto calls as much as possible and keep asking them questions. If that makes you feel awkward, learn more about selling without feeling gross, check out this free resource video.

    I recommended Zoom as an option to have video conversation with clients.
    Check this blog post to find a free calendar tool to enable people to book a chat with you.

    Remember: Don’t just say yes to them! Check what they want. Ask them questions. This can be hard to do when you’re just getting started. But it creates a connection and makes them feel less ‘sold’ too.

  5. Keep track of your conversations in a spreadsheet or CRM.  I now use the free version of HubSpot to track my sales conversations.    

If you want to share your conversation tips and experiences and get some help in improving your chat with like-minded wellness business owners, join the Just Start Now community.





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