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December 4, 2023

[093] How to show up in your business in times of conflict with special guest Dalia

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Right now as I release this podcast episode in November 2023 we are being flooded with videos and images of the horrific atrocities happening in the Israel/Palestine conflict. And sadly the case is that at any given moment in the world we live in, violence, displacement, persecution and war is taking place somewhere in the world.

When we bear witness to this – how does it affect how we show up for our business? Should we talk about it? Should we carry on as normal? Or should we shut up shop and stop selling? It feels there are loud opinions arguing all sides, leaving us feeling we’re never doing the ‘right’ thing.

With that backdrop I’m talking to Dalia on the podcast today – a Pilates instructor based in London, who herself has experienced war and conflict for many years in her home country of Lebanon.

In this episode we talk about: 
  • Dalia’s own experience with trauma living in a country where she experienced conflict and what this taught her about suppressing, ignoring and avoiding her feelings.
  • The importance of acknowledging and hearing the voice that tells you to slow or stop and feel if it is hard to do business right now 
  • Bringing a non-judgemental approach to both ourselves and to others in how they handle sharing or not sharing their thoughts and opinions on world events on a public platform
  • What can be going on behind the scenes for us and others in how we choose to process and move through the grief we feel when we watch others suffer. And how ‘business as usual’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some (but in fact necessary).
  • Tools that Dalia uses to connect with herself and not lose sight of the good and beauty in the world when everything feels dark and difficult – including mindfulness, walking, movement, breath-work and leaning in to communities and networks to feel less alone.
  • The importance of talking therapies and practitioners in giving us a way to accept and understand ourselves more, and the ripple impact this has of understanding and showing compassion for others in a world that would otherwise seek to polarise and pit us against one another.

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