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March 13, 2021

5 reasons that you need to niche your wellness business right now

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Here’s why this is important: Being really specific on who you help means you’re far more likely to be able to attract and find those ideal clients.

Read on to find out the ways in which knowing your niche can help to grow your business faster.


It’s the one thing you’ve heard time and time again from expert business owners about how you get to be successful.

Get really specific about who you help and how. Then the magic happens.

I am a 100% subscriber to this. I think niching is awesome. When I got really specific about who I wanted to help, the type of person, the reality of their life, the problems they were struggling with, I suddenly got way more enquiries and bookings. It’s why I now start all of my clients off on our work together getting super clear on their niche.

However, despite this seeming to be the base-line piece of advice everyone dishes out when it comes to seeing growth and easily attracting clients, very few wellness business owners are doing it well, if at all.

Here’s why you really need to jump on board the niching train sooner rather than later if you want your wellness business to grow faster than it is right now:


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1. Niching helps you create endless content

The number one complaint I hear from wellness business owners is that they don’t know what content to create for their social media or blogs.

They’ve either got a million and one ideas but don’t know which ones will actually be good to share, or they’re sat there staring at a blank screen with not a single clue what to type or create.

Both these situations end up in paralysis and…. Not sharing anything. 

Sound familiar?

If you had a really clear niche I promise you, you’d never run out of content ideas.

When you know so clearly who the person is that needs your help, you’ll know exactly what they need to hear when you show up. Because I have a clear ideal client in mind I can never stop coming up with ideas for content that I know is precisely what you need. It feels amazing.




2.  It helps you be more consistent

A natural follow on from being able to create content more easily is consistency.

One of the other big problems I hear struggling wellness business owners say to me is that they’re inconsistent.

One minute they’re full on in their marketing, updating their website, coming up with product ideas and networking their arses off. The next they’re doing nothing – no social media content, no emails to their list, no blogs, no sales calls. And that drags on for weeks, or sometimes even months.

No mojo. No drive. And no customers as a result

If you woke up every morning knowing that someone out there needed you and your way of helping, I promise you’d be more consistent.


3.  It means you’re remembered

Everyone wants the holy grail of word-of-mouth referrals. No need to keep ‘pushing’ yourself and endlessly marketing, wouldn’t it be nice to just know people were talking about your amazing work and recommending you to the people that you can help best?

With a niche, this actually happens, and it happens faster.

If you’re just another PT, just another Nutritionist, just another coach, your name is never going to be on someone’s mind when they’re chatting with friends and they’re asking for recommendations or discussing a problem they’re dealing with that they wish would get solved.

Whereas if I’m talking to someone who has a specific problem or wants support in a specific way, I know who to tell them to check out if you’re the person that does that.




4. It creates that “they’re talking to me!” feeling about your content

When you’re on social media one of the biggest factors that will make you someone people want to follow is if your content shouts “they’re in my head!”

If you’re putting out content that is general, vague and could help anyone, then guess what? No-one follows. Because they’re not getting those “this is for me” vibes.

When our ideal customers have such a huge selection of information to sift through and choose from, they’re far more likely to tune into the people that are always speaking their language, saying the things they need to hear, touching on the nerves, getting into their heads and providing the help and advice they didn’t even realise they needed, than someone who shares generic, vanilla content and tips.

When you’ve got a niche you can be speaking the language of your ideal customer every day.


5. It helps you get found on Google

You know that website you’ve spent ages perfecting but no-one is visiting? Niching would solve that.

There’s nothing more depressing than writing content that no-one is finding, particularly when you know you’ve got so much to offer that could help.

But when you get clear on who you’re helping, what they’re looking for and the sorts of things they’re typing into Google, you’re more likely to rank on that first search page and be the website they click onto.

If your website remains a catch all “I can help you be more healthy” type space, you’re going to carry on languishing down the bottom of page 326, where no-one is ever going to be scrolling to, no matter how desperate.

And that’s a crying shame.  

Still struggling with your niche?

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