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September 27, 2019

5 ways to find the perfect client for your wellness business

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Here’s why this is important: There are people that need your help and the services you offer, but first you need to find them and they need to be able to find you.

Read on to find out how getting specific on your niche can help you write content that attracts your ideal clients and how adding value on social media can build that know, like and trust.

I’ve been helping a lot of clients recently get started in their wellness businesses and one of the biggest challenges is finding where the perfect customers are.

When you’re just getting started in your wellness business you won’t have masses of money to invest in online advertising. And it can feel with all the content you’re producing and the tumble-weed passing, that you’re not really reaching the people that need you most.

How do you use free tools to find where your ideal client is hanging out, so you can be there too?

Here’s 5 simple tips that will help you find the perfect client for your wellness business:




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1. Before you can find them, do you actually know who your ideal client is?

This is the fundamental basic when it comes to finding your ideal client:

If you don’t know who they are, you’re not going to be able to find them.

It sounds obvious but honestly, I think most people gloss over this step, which is to their detriment.

Spend a bit of time getting really, really clear on who it is you want to attract. Who is your ideal client?

You don’t need to name them or know what books are on their bedside table – I’m not really a subscriber to all that jazz.

But what you do need to know is what problems are they facing.

What are they struggling with? What are their ‘pain-points’? What difficulties are they trying to overcome? What do they want to achieve but just can’t seem to do on their own?

This really taps into your niche, which may well be a concept you’re already familiar with starting your business. If you know your niche – or even a vague idea of the sort of person you want to help and what their state of mind is right now, you’re going to be able to hunt them out more easily online.

If you’re struggling to find your niche then why not join my 5-day FREE challenge: Niche Navigator – 5 days to wellness business clarity


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2. Now you know them, what is your ideal client searching for on Google?

Now you’ve spent a bit of time getting clear on who this ideal client is and what they’re struggling with, you’re in the perfect position to have a look online and see what kinds of things they’re searching for.

Because whatever it is they’re searching for, you need to be there ready with the answers.

Head to Google and see what people are typing into the search engine around your niche topic.

For example if your business is helping women approaching the menopause you can see that right now on Google some of the most common searches are:

  • Foods to help menopause

  • Books about menopause

  • What are the 34 signs of menopause?

  • First signs of menopause

  • What happens after the menopause?

You can write blog content and social media posts answer these exact questions now, and with a few SEO tweaks you can get that content found by the people typing those searches in. Because they’re your ideal customers and they’re looking for you!


3. How to find your ideal client on Facebook

Whether you love it or hate it, my goodness, can Facebook be a gold-mine of ideal customers if you just look in the right places.

The best places to look for those people are Facebook groups.

With a bit of research and hunting around for groups, you’ll be able to join a few free communities that contain your ideal customers.

In those groups there will be lots of conversation about what people are struggling with and looking for the answers to, and you can use that space to share your expertise, give tips and advice and start to build up trust and connection with people looking for what you’re offering.

But I’m not meant to sell in other people’s Facebook groups! I hear you cry.

No, not straight selling. Of course not. No-one wants to see a straight out “buy my service” post in a Facebook group.

But what you are allowed to do, in fact you’re encouraged to do, is to add value. To share tips, advice and give feedback to other people.

If you’re giving bang on advice about something to a member of a Facebook group, they’re more than likely going to check you out and might even send you a little DM or explore your website.

Want to see how it’s done and connect with other wellness business owners?

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4. How to find your ideal client on Instagram

We’re all battling the algorithm and wasting time on Instagram getting sucked down ever increasing black holes. But if we’re all a bit more savvy with our time, we can actually use this platform (which has 1 billion active users by the way) to find our ideal clients.

Try these things:

  • Go to your competitors’ profiles and check out their followers. Like and comment on posts their followers have shared, or give them a follow yourself if they’re your ideal client. NB. This isn’t stealing, they’re public profiles!

  • Search for location tags and see who’s been checking in at a particular place that you know your ideal client is hanging out. For example ‘Wellfest’ in Ireland is filled with health conscious attendees who might need your services. See who checked in there and then go and like/comment on their profiles.

  • Search hashtags your ideal client is using. If you’re following someone you know would be a perfect client, check out what hashtags they’re using on their posts. This will take a bit of research, but you can quickly start to find more people using similar hashtags.


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5. Don’t forget the ideal clients right under your nose

Yes it’s great to search the internet for strangers that are your ideal client and start to bring them into your circle. You’ve seen now how many tools there are to do that.

But if you want clients quick, you need to be looking a little closer to home.

The ideal client you’ve found on Google, Facebook or Instagram doesn’t know you yet. They don’t know / like / trust you yet. So right now they are much less likely to buy from you. Not until they’ve seen more from you and that might take months, or even years.

If you want to find ideal clients fast for your business, you need to look at people who already know, like and trust you.

Who are they?

They’re people who’ve already bought from you.

They’re friends and family who will give you a referral because they think you’re awesome.

They’re people you’ve worked with in the past, maybe in another job, who want to help you do well.

These people are sometimes uncomfortable to reach out to, because it feels really vulnerable. But honestly, they are your best hope right now of getting clients because of that know/like/trust factor.

Reach out to them and ask for a referral or help getting the word out about what you do in their network, or see if they want to work with you again if they’re an ex-client.

Want to find your perfect clients on Instagram?

I’ve got a checklist of things you can do with 20 minutes on Instagram that actually convert into paying customers:
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How to use Instagram to get paying customers





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