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The Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2024 is packed with the most significant and useful international and national awareness dates that will help you create content that generates engagement and secures bookings and sales.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You log on to social media only to realise that a massive international health campaign is running that you and your expertise would have been perfect for, but you weren’t aware was running 

  • Right now you’re wasting hours Google searching really useful awareness days to take part in and create content for, but finding you’re wading through useless irrelevant ones to find the good stuff (National Corndog Day, I’m looking at you 🤨)

  • You find yourself staring at a blank screen when you sit down to plan the content for your wellness business, wondering how everyone else comes up with so many ideas that seem topical and timely, while you flounder for inspiration.

The health & wellness awareness days calendar 2024 is for you

With this calendar at your fingertips you will:

  • Get organised and plan your content ahead 

  • Be in the know about conversations journalists will want to talk about (get quoted in the press!) 

  • Find inspiration for products and collaborations you could run in your business to inject fresh income streams 

  • Become more visible with the content you’re pouring hours into but that isn’t getting seen right now 

  • Never run out of content ideas again


Your wellness content planning companion for 2024

What’s inside?

  • 12 beautiful month spreads with individual awareness days marked out on the 2024 calendar, together with a round-up of awareness months that you can print off or refer to on screen.

  • 250+ carefully curated dates that show you international and national (UK, IE & US) health and wellness campaigns you can be part of

  • Tips and ideas on how to use awareness days to their fullest potential so you’re maximising your exposure and getting in front of new ideal customers who need what you have to offer


It’s time to:

  • Save time. With 100s of content ideas rounded up and hand-selected for you, you won’t have to research your own and get sucked into the time warp that is Google.

  • Stick to a consistent content schedule. I preach consistency as the game-changer for business owners. With this calendar, you’re able to think ahead and plan now so you’re not scrambling for ideas each week.

  • Make sales. If you’re publishing great, relevant content that puts you in the position of the expert in your field you will make more sales in your business. That’s just a fact.


About the creator of the Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar

Vicky Shilling is the Wellness Business Menor, helping her client build and grow health-based businesses. A marketing expert, podcaster, lecturer and wellbeing enthusiast herself, she helps her clients turn their passion for health into a sustainable income with simplicity and ease. 

Over the past four years, Vicky has helped over 500 wellness business owners launch their dream businesses and get consistent with their content and visibility with her no-nonsense approach to content creation. 

Supporting her clients and obsessing about their success is what led her to create the Health & Wellness Awareness Days calendar – a content planning tool for anyone in the wellbeing sphere. 

She is also the founder of Just Start Now® – an online course and community that’s exclusively dedicated to helping you build and grow a wellness business.