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May 3, 2021

How to find the perfect customers online for your wellness business

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Here’s why this is important: Finding clients online doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

Read on to discover some simple strategies to get you connecting with your ideal clients online.

The internet. A vast web of platforms that could potentially get you in front of thousands, if not millions of potential buyers for what you do.  

Yet somehow with your wellness business all set up you’re completely failing to connect with anyone.

Never mind thousands or millions. Even being seen by a few hundred of the right people would feel good right now.

If you’re struggling to turn the internet into a source of leads, you’re not alone.

With the huge possibilities of an infinite source of eyeballs comes a massive dose of overwhelm that leaves most business owners paralysed.

Let’s strip things back and make them simple.


Not getting any bookings online? Let’s fix that.





The first question you need to ask yourself if you’re struggling to use the internet to connect with potential clients is a pretty fundamental one:

Who do you want to work with?

The answer to this should not be “anyone who’ll pay me.”

And yes, I hear that often.

If you don’t narrow down the type of person you want to attract to work with you, you’ll have absolutely no way of knowing WHERE they are.  

It’s like saying you don’t know where your keys are, but when I ask you what they look like, you can’t describe them.

If you can’t identify an ideal customer, how will you know if they are or aren’t in the places you’re going to market yourself?

I don’t want to segue this blog into a chat about niching. But this is key (see what I did there? ). Don’t start hunting for customers if you can’t tell me who they are first.

Want to niche your wellness business? Listen to my podcast episode for how to do it in a way that feels good.

Or join my 5-day FREE niching challenge: Niche Navigator with 5 free live daily workshops, walk away from the week with the tools and understanding of how to niche without fear so you get more recommendations, clients and loyal fans for your wellbeing work. 



Once you know who it is you’re on the hunt for, have a think – where does this kind of person spend time online?

  • Do they use social media? If yes, which platform?

  • Who do they follow on social media?

  • Are they a member of any networks or groups online?

  • Do they read online publications? If yes, which ones?

I’ve created this handy little infographic for you which I hope gives you a few pointers on social media where your ideal clients might be lurking based on their age and sex.


Social media user statistics media platform infographic.png


Really don’t know where they hang out?

Ask them.  

Even if you’ve got access to just a small handful of ideal customers, perhaps following you on socials, in a Facebook group or even through your own community of friends and in your network, ask them.

You might be surprised by what they tell you.

It’s important to focus your limited time and attention on the platforms and places online that you’re going to get maximum exposure to the right kinds of people.


  • You might plough all your energy into going viral on TikTok, but if your ideal client isn’t watching, what’s the point?

  • You might spend hours creating a Facebook group with loads of resources and videos, but if your ideal client hates the platform, what’s the point?

  • You might take an Instagram course and pour all your creative juice into gorgeous graphics for the ‘gram, but if your ideal client doesn’t browse IG, what’s the point?


Think your ideal client uses multiple platforms?

You don’t have to be on them all.

I always recommend you focus in on just one, maximum two social media platforms.

Social media requires you to be social (the clue is in the title my friend ), which requires time and attention.

Spreading yourself too thin across multiple platforms just won’t build you the relationships and know/like/trust factor you need to turn browsers into buyers.

Keep it simple.


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Once you’ve chosen the social media platform(s) you believe your ideal customers use, it’s not enough to just keep posting content there and expect people to magically find you.

You have to put some work in.

Remember I said social media is there to be social?

This is where some strategic time well spent on your platform of choice is going to pay off.

Instead of scrolling and comparing yourself to other people who seem to be bossing it (yes, I see you doing that), use your time on your chosen platform to engage engage engage.

  • Leave comments and share your opinions

  • Join conversations on your topic

  • Reply to people who leave you messages

  • Check out hashtags your ideal client might use or follow and leave comments

  • Use location searches to find people who hang out at health hotspots

The algorithm on social media is a frustration to us all. But we have to work with what we’ve got.

So rather than letting it thwart our efforts to be seen by ideal customers, we have to actively go out there and put ourselves in front of them in an organic way.

This means that rather than hoping and dreaming that the perfect customers are just going to stumble across you and your amazing content, you’re actively doing something to get in front of them.

If you’re wasting time on Instagram right now, download my ‘Things to do in 20 Minutes on Instagram that actually get you clients’ checklist.


how to find clients online for your wellness business



You might be thinking “hey Vicky, online is way more than just social media you know.” And yes, you’re absolutely right.

Whilst social media can be an incredibly powerful tool, potentially opening up our content and offerings to millions if not billions of people for free, it’s not the be-all and end-all solution to your ability to find clients online.

If you’ve decided you don’t want to use social media to connect with your ideal customers, or that now you know who they are you realise they aren’t using social media at all, you need to read this blog post which will give you four ways to connect with perfect customers online without using social media.


Do you struggle to find your perfect customers online? This is exactly what I help my clients with, in my Just Start Now community.

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