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November 2, 2020

[031] How to schedule and repurpose your content

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In this episode I talk about how to schedule and repurpose your content. Feeling organised and on-top of your content planning is something I know a lot of you struggle with, instead constantly feeling like you’re ‘being’ or panicking that your Instagram profile has gone quiet and been neglected for weeks!

I take you through:

  • Looking at the channels you want to schedule content for: you don’t need to be on them all – when you’re just getting started focus on 1-2 maximum. 
  • Why your mailing list should always be part of your plan, not just social media. 
  • Creating a plan in a notebook, word document or spreadsheet with the different channels as columns and with each day in across then next 30-90 days. 
  • Developing some kind of consistent framework that you stick to for at least 3 months to get into a rhythm and see what works
  • Coming up with a bank of ideas you can drop into your planner. Look ahead and use an Awareness Days calendar to tap into for more inspiration and to be topical (get your copy of my 2022 health and wellness days calendar with 180+ days now). 
  • The importance of repetition and sharing your content more than once in different ways. Not everyone on social media will see everything, so whilst it feels a lot to you, only a fraction of it will be seen by your ideal clients. Keep repeating yourself! 
  • Re-sharing old content that’s still relevant and also making sure in your content planner you are scheduling regular sales posts, asking people to buy from you and reminding them of your offer (listen back to Episode 29 How To Ask For The Sale for more on this). 
  • Allow space for being spontaneous and sharing things in the moment that inspire you and come up. 
  • Scheduling tools that might help you stay consistent. Always go free to start off with. I recommend Buffer which can handle LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Planoly or Tailwind for Instagram or use Facebook’s own in-built scheduling tools


If you want more support scheduling content, knowing what to say and getting consistent, find out more about coaching with me. We can work together one-to-one and bust through those blocks holding you back.

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