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January 31, 2022

[054] BONUS: How to write a book for your wellness business with Erin Chamberlain

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Today I’m talking to Erin Chamberlain, publishing consultant and editor and the mentor that has helped me bring my first book into the world! Erin shares with us the benefits of publishing your own book, how to create a writing habit and gives you a sneak preview of what my book Just Start Now is all about, because she’s editing it!

Some of the things we talked about when it comes to writing a book:

  • The benefits of publishing a book: to give your ideal customers a taste of how you can change them, to show them your process (and help you get clear on it!), to establish yourself as an expert and really show what you stand for and against and the kind of person you are as well as a tool to grow your mailing list and reach a new audience.
  • The mindset blocks and beliefs people have when it comes to writing – like “I’m not good at writing.” You have to practice! Feel free to check out my old blog posts to see how my writing style has grown and developed over 3 years.
  • How to create a writing habit and doing what works for you. Some people like to batch create content, other prefer to be spur of the moment. Are you an early bird writer or a night owl like Vicky? Some of the tools we talked about include:

I wrote this blog post about the process of getting the book to publication.

Find out more about Erin:

Erin Chamberlain on Facebook

Erin Chamberlain’s Facebook group Write Now Writing Community

Erin Chamberlain on Instagram

Erin Chamberlain on LinkedIn

Just Start Now the book is…now here!

Grab your very own copy of Just Start Now the book here.


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