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March 20, 2023

[072]  Why we need self-compassion in business with Helen Kelynack

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When we’re working in our business we’re often not terribly kind to ourselves when things feel hard, when they go wrong or we’re not getting the results we want. And I include myself wholeheartedly in this camp too. Which is why I thought a conversation with Helen Kelynack about the importance of self-compassion as business owners was a really needed reminder for all of us.

In this episode we talked about:
  • What self-compassion is and how lacking it when we’re in business leads to isolation, disconnection and a slippery slope into perfectionism 
  • How the voice of self-compassion can also be a warrior and a cheerleader, not just a voice that tells us to relax, eat chocolate and cut ourselves some slack! 
  • The benefits of self-compassion to us as business owners: more ability to reflect, to respond and not react, to find solutions and to get clarity and make better decisions
  • “This is tough” – acceptance of the fact that many things in business are hard and new to us, but that self-compassion reminds us that we are capable and can find a way forward 
  • The steps to bringing more self-compassion to our lives and business: noticing what that negative critical voice in your head is saying, and then questioning if these are the sorts of things we’d say to a friend.

Helen mentioned Kristen Neff and her work on self-compassion which you can find out more about here

Find out more about Helen:

Helen founded Senara’s Sister to empower creative successful women who are lost or stuck in business or life. Specialising in working with stress and anxiety, using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, coaching skills and breathwork, Helen is able to help women foster strength and self-compassion, approaching the next chapter of their lives with courage and embarking on new beginnings. 

Helen lives in the beautiful countryside in the depths of Cornwall and spends her time with her family by the sea, soaking up the simplicity of life.


Instagram: @senarassisterhypnotherapy

Facebook: Senara’s Sister Hypnotherapy

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