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September 9, 2022

Why you need a signature offer to have a profitable wellness business

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Just over a year ago, I created my quiz to help wellness practitioners identify what was keeping them stuck from launching and growing their businesses.

Not only is the quiz fun for you (and you get a juicy training out the back of it which is picked from the Core Content inside my Just Start Now course) but it also gave me a lot of data in terms of the trends in the biggest problems and blocks you are experiencing.

Give the quiz a go yourself and see what your biggest block is!

Want to know the most common block is so far when it comes to succeeding in a wellness business?

Not having a clear offer.

I’m not going to lie, I have been taken aback by this.   

I had assumed as the qualified, trained professionals that you are, that you know how to put together a cracking offer that really helps your clients get the results they’re looking for.

Getting pregnant, overcoming anxiety, lifting heavier weights, reducing menopause symptoms. Whatever it is you help people with, I just had in my head that your college would have taught you this stuff and that this was the bit you didn’t need help with.

I was wrong.

And when I start to look around at your content and your website, I can see the problem.

You’re pumping out loads of helpful tips and advice, there’s sometimes some lovely information about you and your qualifications on your site, but I cannot for the life of me work out, even if I wanted to pay you to get access to your expertise, how exactly that works.

Be honest with yourself.

If I came to your social media or website right now – would it be clear how to buy from you and what I get?

If the answer is no you are leaving money on the table. And that’s probably the reason you’re left feeling frustrated, lacking bookings or enquiries and wondering where the next payment is going to come from.

Here are four reasons it’s vital to have a strong signature offer to make your wellness business profitable and hit the income I know you’re looking for (and deserve):

Please note, I am talking here in this blog about a signature 1:1 offer. Not a course, download or programme.

Those things can be your ‘signature’ offers if you want. But largely when you’re getting started it’s easiest and most profitable to start with building a solid 1:1 workload through a signature offer, from which you can build a reputation and audience and go on to provide 1:many offers, when you’ve got experience and more eyes on you and what you do.

If you want to read more about what I think about online courses check out this blog.  

1. Having a signature offer makes it easier to buy from you

Think about how easy it is to buy things online these days. Amazon has one-click. If you can think of it, someone’s made it and stuck it up on the internet.

You can read about what you’re buying, assess all the bells and whistles, even test out how it looks if it’s a piece of furniture or watch a video of how a dress moves if it’s clothes, get a feel for the person selling and making it, read reviews and after all that, decide to invest. You’ll have bought it with a few taps and a credit card if it ticks the boxes.

If you don’t have a signature offer then you’re making it very difficult for people to even enter the conversation with you about working together.

If at the moment your offer is a murky mess of booking a discovery call, drop-in rates and initial consultation fees and times, then there’s no transparency.

How would a prospective buyer know how long you’ll work together? How much it’s going to cost in total? What they’re committing to? What they’re going to get from the process?

If it’s not clear then it’s not easy to buy. Which means they’re going to be way less inclined to get in touch to talk about it.

2. Having a signature offer makes it clear what the outcome is of working with you

People don’t actually choose to buy packages. I know that might sound counterintuitive given the topic of this blog, but hear me out.

People don’t want your package, they want the outcome from your package. They want the impact, the results, the way they’re going to feel, the way their daily life is going to change, as a result of working with you.

When you have a clear offer, a signature way of working with you, you can be clear about the outcome you’re both working towards. “At the end of this package you’ll walk away knowing/having/doing/being…”

That’s the bit people are buying.

If you don’t have a package it’s harder to state the outcome.

3. Because drop-in sessions don’t work

I’m going to call this out now.

The way you were likely trained in college, to offer drop-in sessions, book whenever you want, charging after the event, does not work.

It doesn’t get the client the outcome they’re looking for. Because there is absolutely no sense of accountability and progress and a shared goal you’re both working towards. They won’t feel any incentive to keep coming back, and will penny-pinch and base their decision on whether to return based on the money in their bank or the time they think they have available, rather than their drive to make a change in their health/life.

And it doesn’t get you the outcome you’re looking for: consistent income, knowing where your next ‘pay-cheque’ is coming from and working with dream customers who are really committed to the process of changing their health using the tools you share with them.

Having a signature package is the opposite of this. It’s a clear sign to the potential customer that you work with committed individuals who want to put in the work over a period of time to get real, long-lasting change with your help. It’s the most client-focused way of working and it means you are more financially secure too.

4. Having a signature offer shows you’re confident in getting results and you know what it takes to get there

Having a signature offer oozes confidence. And as well as buying the outcome that you’re selling, your prospective customers are buying into you as the practitioner to help them and the confidence you have. Having a solid signature offer to help them get there shouts “I can genuinely help you – I know exactly how!” without you actually having to shout.

When you only have drop-in rates, one-off sessions or absolutely no detail on what a working relationship with you would look like, you’re not showing those dream customers that you have the tools, methodology and experience to get them the results they want. It’s a bit more of a ‘wing and a prayer’ type situation to invest in you and hope that they get what they want, in god-only-knows what time frame.  

And yes yes, you might be screaming at me “but I’ve never done this before Vicky!” If you’re a newbie wellness practitioner (congrats btw!) then creating a signature offer that oozes confidence feels really daunting. I get that.

But you must start somewhere.

You have been trained. You are qualified. You do have some knowledge, maybe even some pro-bono clients and examples, from which to craft an offer you think will help people. You must believe in yourself.

And also yes, you can absolutely change and refine your signature offer. In fact I would actively encourage this – you’ll keep evolving and learning new things as you go so it will change, it won’t be perfect straight away (or ever! Imagine that!).

My signature offer has gone from 10 sessions with no framework, to a 90 days intensive, to 4 months to now a 6 month mentoring offering with an immersion day to kick off over the last few years.

I only have the offer I have now because I put my neck on the line and put something out there to get started and saw what worked.

You need to have an offer, to have an offer.

And you need to have an offer to get high-quality, consistent clients that you love working with and earn the money you want.

Let me know what you think. Do you have a signature offer? Do you think they’re a good way to earn in your wellness business?

If you know you need a signature offer but don’t know where to start I go into more detail about this in Chapter 5 of my book, Just Start Now – Unlock your entrepreneur mindset and grow your wellness business grab your copy today!

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