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October 28, 2019

[009] How to get your audience more engaged

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This podcast episode covers some of the tips I share in this video resource for how to increase your Instagram engagement:

In this episode I talk about how often we need to be in touch and reach our ideal clients before they build know, like and trust factor with us and feel ready to buy. The wisdom is that number is anywhere between 7 and 12 ‘touch’ points or pieces of content.

I also talk about Janet Murray’s assertion that it takes at least a year to grow a truly engaged audience that is ready to buy from you. Read more about that here.


I offer 6 tips when it comes to getting your audience more engaged:

  1. Be patient (and consistent!)

  2. Be clear about what you offer

  3. Engaging with your audience if you want the same in return

  4. Include calls to action (CTAs) to encourage people to engage

  5. Make things easy for your audience when it comes to engaging with you

  6. Talk about personal things and how to do this in an authentic (and not over-sharing) way


I talk about these stories and resources:

The social media influencer with 2 million followers who couldn’t sell 36 t-shirts

The concept of 1,000 true fans


If you want more support growing an engaged audience your wellness business, find out more about coaching with me. We can work together one-to-one and bust through those blocks holding you back.

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