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May 4, 2020

[021] How to grow a side-hustle in the world of wellness with Annette Kelly

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Some of the things we talked about when it comes to growing a side-hustle and turning it into your full-time job:

  • Fear of judgement online and feeling paranoid when getting started, especially when working in another job.
  • Overanalysing your videos to camera in the early stages, and how to move on from that and show up for your audience.
  • The power of social media for good and its ability to build community.
  • Noticing the difference between tuning into your gut and posting on social media only when you’re inspired, and when you are being paralysed by the fear of judgement which stops you posting what you want, or at all.
  • Choosing how to tackle our to-do list and take action, rather than playing the ‘blame game.’ Taking responsibility for our own lives.
  • Community over competition. Supporting others in the wellbeing industry, rather than trying to compete and ‘beat’ others. Everyone has their own voice and everyone has something to add that needs to be heard. I mentioned a quote from Jack Kavanagh from episode 13.
  • ‘Doing the double’ of both jobs together. Making the transition and making the leap – how Annette knew it was the right time to jump.
  • Trusting the process and being kind to yourself. Respecting yourself in the way you do with others. Giving yourself credit and knowing you’re in control of your own story.


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