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April 27, 2020

[020] How to stop worrying about being judged by other people

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In this podcast I share my tips on how to stop worrying about judgement from other people:


  • Think about who you think is judging you. Who are these people you are so afraid of judgement from? Because ‘the people’ and ‘you know, the internet’ doesn’t really count. Can you actually name them. Are you going to let strangers hold you back?
  • If you have a specific list of people that you are afraid of judgement from then get really honest with yourself. Are they actually judging you? Often the answer is no. People are actually all far more caught up in our own lives, worries and dealings, to fixate on someone else. It’s usually just in your head. I mentioned Byron Katie’s The Work.
  • If there are a handful of people that you genuinely believe are judging you and thinking negatively about you then try to remember these three things:
    • How people think, feel and behave towards you says more about them than it does about you. What they project onto you actually reflects far more about their own beliefs around self-worth, value, pushing out the comfort zone and what is possible.
    • Remember sometimes these people are coming from a place of love and fear for you. They want you to stay safe, play in the comfort zone and stick to a normal job. That’s kind, but you know what you need to know.
    • They are also not your ideal client or customer. They don’t need to hear what you have to say. If you need to mute people on Instagram, there is the Restricted Accounts function.
  • Write a list of people whose opinion actually matters to you. And spend more time online and in real life with those people, the people that value and appreciate what you are doing.
  • Remember this isn’t a ‘one time’ decision. You will need to keep doing the work to reframe your thoughts. It takes time.

I recommended Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big.

Read more of my book recommendations for wellness business owners in this blog post.


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