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November 23, 2020

[034] How to use Pinterest to grow your wellness business with Sahar Twesigye

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You might like my video and resource on how to get started with Pinterest for your wellness business to support your actions after listening to this episode:

Some of the things we talked about when it comes to using Pinterest to grow your wellness business:

  • The difference between Pinterest and social media – Pinterest is a search engine where people are coming to answer questions and solve problems, not to connect with people.
  • The benefits of using Pinterest including the fact it’s not a ‘hungry monster’ like social media – you can have pins that keep returning traffic to your website for weeks, months and years after they’ve been created.
  • What you need to have in place before you start using Pinterest:
    • Your ideal client avatar clear in your mind
    • Your own website
    • An email list set up
    • A blog or bank of resources / helpful content perfect for your ideal client
  • If you think you’re ready to start using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, Sahar recommended these steps to get started:
    • Create a Pinterest business account
    • Switch on Rich Pins (which requires verification)
    • Know your long-form key words and add these to your boards, profile and pin descriptions
    • Design branded pins with good images and your website/logo on them to create brand recognition (we recommended using Canva)
    • Use 3 x hashtags on each pins

For more help getting started with Pinterest, download Sahar’s 7 Proven Pinterest Strategies free handbook now.


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