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November 16, 2020

[033] How scarcity mindset is holding you back from success in your wellness business

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In this episode I talk about how scarcity is holding you back from achieving your business goals.

The truth is you can apply all the formulas and practical steps in business to get results that you want. But if your mindset isn’t supporting you and underneath it all you’re thinking everything is lacking, running out and not enough, you’re never going to make progress.

I talk through the five most common ways I see scarcity showing up for my clients and wellness business owners and how these are blocking the abundance and success you deserve, and give you practical ways to overcome these mindsets and re-programme your brain:

  1. You think there are a limited number of customers out there. You think the market is saturated and that there are already too many people doing what you do.
  2. You think money is finite and will run out. You believe if you invest or spend, then money is ‘gone.’ You also project your fears and worries about money onto your customers and potential clients, worrying about whether they can afford to invest in you and your services. Try reading Kate Northrup Money A Love Story and Jen Sincero You Are A Badass At Making Money to help unpick this one.
  3. You feel not enough. You think you need more qualifications or training in order to serve people. A great book to read on this one is Tara Mohr Playing Big, which has a whole chapter on why and how to unpick this ingrained way of thinking.
  4. You think there’s not enough time to do what you want. Remembering we all have the same amount of hours in the day (even Beyonce!), it’s about what you choose to do with your hours that are available. Re-programme this one by replacing “I don’t have time” with “That’s not a priority right now.”
  5. You don’t think you have a big enough audience. You believe your lack of success is because you aren’t reaching enough people and you’re glued to your analytics looking at open rates and social media reach. Listen back to Episode 32 How to have a £10k launch without a huge audience with Caroline Thompson to help you remind you this isn’t the truth!  


If you want more support unpicking your scarcity mindset and feeling abundant in your wellness business find out more about coaching with me. We can work together one-to-one and bust through those blocks holding you back.





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