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May 30, 2022

[059] Am I getting it right or wrong?

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I’m excited to bring you the next episode of the Just Start Now Book Club podcast season.

Each episode in this series will be focusing on a chapter in my new book, Just Start Now – Unlock your entrepreneur mindset to grow your wellness business.

To get the most from the season, buy your copy now and read along with us!


In today’s episode, we are taking a deep dive into Chapter 4 of my book – Making the right decision, and looking at the idea of getting it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in your business.

Are you so worried that you’re not making the right decision that you’re stuck in paralysis? Well, you’re not alone and I hope this episode helps you to reframe some of these mindsets and get unstuck so that you can move forward in your wellness business.

Some of the things I talked about when it comes to getting things ‘right’ or ‘wrong’:

  • The idea that you cannot make a wrong decision – instead how to reframe your ‘mistakes’ and learn from them
  • Changing your default mindset from thinking of the worst-case scenario (thank you negative bias!) to what if the best-case scenario happens?
  • Expectations v outcomes – what is your inner critic making it mean if something doesn’t meet your expectations?
  • One of my favourite topics – the Dunning-Kruger effect and getting stuck in the ‘valley of despair’. Plus I tell the story of my own experience of being in the ‘valley of despair’ when starting out on my own business journey

And don’t forget:

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