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May 23, 2022

20 reasons why Just Start Now is different from other business-building programmes

I'm Vicky Shilling

A wellness business mentor, podcast host, author and I help you start and grow a successful wellness business.

My magic is in being able to break down the practical and strategic parts of business building, coupled with helping you cultivate a mindset that supports those actions to get the outcomes you desire.

Strategy + Beliefs =
Business Prosperity


What do you need help with?






Here’s why this is important:

If you’re going to build a wellness business you need support. It will take you way longer than you want to see results if you just try and figure it out yourself.

Read on to find out why my Just Start Now® programme is the perfect fit for you

Hello lovely new wellness practitioner. I see you.

Ready to go with your qualification and get out there and help people. But totally paralysed when it comes to all the ‘business building’ stuff.

You’ve dipped your toe in with trying to figure out how to get clients and earn money. But the more you look the more rabbit holes keep opening up.

You know you need help.

You can’t keep doing this by yourself and trying to figure it out alone.

My lifetime access course and community Just Start Now is for you.


I want to share 20 reasons why it’s the best fit, so you’re super clear why this is the programme you need, not anything else:

1. It’s comprehensive

Just Start Now doesn’t only cover one area of business like other courses e.g. money mindset or visibility. This course and community gives you the full spectrum from practical essentials as well as mindset shifts and the ways of thinking to grow a business you need to take you from the ground up.

Just Start Now course community preview

2.  It’s realistic and grounded in experience

There are no quantum leaps or promises of a perfect business in 90 days. I know you may well have been sucked into those things before and felt let-down and like a failure when they haven’t got you results.

Inside Just Start Now I’ve stripped out all the unnecessary, junky business advice I see (and have tried myself!) and have streamlined it into the stuff I know actually works and gets long-term results for busy people with real lives – because I’ve tested it on myself and multiple clients.


3.  It’s practical and actionable immediately

I value action-taking (read more about my values here) and so every bit of training and support inside Just Start Now® is designed to help you do, not just think.

We reflect, journal and meditate here, yes. But we also get a lot of stuff done.


4. It’s blended with the mindset work

Whilst you get all the set-up and how-tos, you don’t need a separate mind-set coach as well.

Inside Just Start Now we cover both. I believe you need to have the tools and think the right way, to get the results you want, so we embrace both sides of entrepreneurship. 





5. You get copywriting support

Every other week inside Just Start Now it’s your chance to get professional copywriting feedback in order to get the right words for your business on the page that sing and sell your offers.

The personalised advice you get if you use this regularly is worth the investment alone.

This service is something I’m immensely proud of. You rarely (if ever!) see it in other communities and is something that gets well utilised every fortnight by our community. That could be you too if you join us.


6. It doesn’t make you use gross and icky sales tactics

A lot of business boot camps will get you selling using pushy, manipulative sales tactics. Not cool.

The teaching inside Just Start Now supports business owners to find a way to promote and sell that feels good for you, not a forced formula or script to sell ‘high ticket.’

I believe there are a multitude of ways to attract regular paying customers to your business (including not using social media – shock horror!) 




Vicky Shilling business mentor sitting eating a salad


7. It’s tailor-made for wellness business owners

Whilst a lot of the tips are absolutely transferrable to other business types, everything in Just Start Now® is designed to reflect the realities of working in the health sector.

The others in the group get where you’re coming from if you’re selling packages and offers that improve people’s health, and the nuances that comes with that. 


8. It’s small

This is not a huge container you’re going to get lost in with thousands of others.

We know each other, support each other and I love to know about your business and cheer you on as you grow. Think 50-100 people and you’ve got the right sort of size.


9. There’s a lot of access to me

This isn’t just a self-paced course you do alone as a ‘cheap’ alternative to the ‘real thing’ of working with me 1:1.

Joining Just Start Now® is the best way to be able to tap my brains for questions every week through our community forum, monthly live Q&A calls and monthly accountability check-ins, all led by me, not another coach.

I consider you my client too.




Vicky Shilling podcast - press opportunities in Just Start Now


10. We round-up press opportunities for you

This is something you would pay a PR agency a lot of money to do for you!

We want you to get featured in magazines and papers with your amazing expertise, so we seek out and tag our Just Start Now members in opportunities when we see them, of which there are multiple every month.


11. It’s lifetime access

I don’t offer lifetime access because I don’t care about whether you use it, quite the opposite.

Lifetime access is crucial for me to give you because Just Start Now® is not only your kick-starter, getting set up programme. It’s also your on-going support network from which to keep building.

Accountability and having a trusted network to ask questions, share wobbles and wins with is always essential, no matter what stage of business you’re at.


12. It’s not good vibes only, love and light, girl boss babes

Setting up a sustainable business take time, and is a real journey. Having a lifetime container means we hold space for the highs and the lows throughout the year.

When you’re in the early days, there are a lot of those lows and wobbles and that is normal. Just Start Now® brings a grounding, informed, conscious approach to every aspect of making money for yourself.


13. There isn’t a Facebook group

I think we’re all over Facebook groups, aren’t we?!

We’ve recently moved to a Circle community platform and it’s much more focused and less distracting than a messy social media feed where you lose track of conversations.

Circle can be accessed on desktop or an iOS app from your phone to stay in touch with the group (Android coming!) and is a space for you to share wins, ask questions and get help from business owners just like you.





14. You get the raw, real, behind the scenes me

I go live in the community and share openly and honestly on group calls the highs and the lows of running your own business.

Just Start Now isn’t a glitzy or white-washed version of what it takes to be a business owner that leaves you feeling less-than. I’ve even shared my full income and expenditure to the group for the last four years recently, so that you get the real understanding of what it takes to run a business (there’s a replay if you want to watch that back if you join!)

15. There’s no income guarantees

You might see this as a downside. But believe me when I say, there are far better ways to empower you than showing you my ‘exact multiple 5 figure launch strategy’.

I believe we’re all distinct, come with unique strengths and start from different places. Finding your sustainable way of doing this is more important to me, so that’s what you’ll get inside.

16. I’m not broadcasting from Bali

No shade on business coaches that live their best lives in a beach resort, but I’m keeping it real in my suburban life in Dublin, Ireland where I live with my husband and daughter.

My guess is if you’re my ideal customer, that’s the sort of life you want as well (we’ll keep expanding the houses, but we won’t ever be on a tropical beach!)




Vicky Shilling holding a mobile - Voxer access in Just Start Now


17. You can win voice-note access to me every month!

What’s that?! More access to me?!

That’s right – each month we have a Member Of The Month awarded to the person who’s working through the content and utilising the group to its fullest potential. That person gets 48hrs to pick my brains over voice-notes, cool huh?!


18. It’s the perfect price point between cheap & ineffective and wild vomit-inducing investment

Continually using free and super cheap online purchases to fast-track your business doesn’t get results. And equally spanking £10k+ is not accessible for most of us at the early stages of our business (when we’re not even sure it’s going to work yet!).

Just Start Now® is positioned at an investment level that will stretch you, make you take the content seriously, show up and take action (and has all the content to get you the business results you’re looking for), but not to the point where you’re worried about not being able to pay the rent or bills every month.


19. It’s open any time and there’s no FOMO or hype to get you in

I honestly think Just Start Now is perfect for you. But I do not want you to invest for the wrong reasons.

The doors are always open to you and whilst I do run launches and events to promote the course, I want you to feel like it’s a “hell yes” when you sign up, not an “oh sh*t I guess I should.”

You can DM or email me any time to find out if it’s a good fit, and I’ll tell you honestly. 




Vicky Shilling holding a mobile 1:1 mentoring


20. There’s exclusive ways to get a 1:1 with me

If you really feel some personalised support is needed then everyone inside Just Start Now® gets access to exclusive ways to work with me 1:1 at special rates compared with the general public. So if down the line you want a little boost from a mentor-in-your-pocket or some targeted support around a launch or shift in your business, I’m here for you and Just Start Now members are my priority for my 1:1 time.

Sound good?

Then it’s time to create your wellness business and live the life that you want

Just Start Now® is only €1720 for life-time access to the course content. Or you can get started for just €300 via our payment plan today!

What’s inside Just Start Now®?

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