6 month business mentoring

It’s time to elevate your wellness business

You can’t be in growth mode if you’re in survival mode…

I see you. You have a wellness business and it’s ticking over at the moment. It makes money, you’re helping a handful of clients and customers.

You’ve made it! Right…?  

But something’s missing.

You know you’re capable of more. You know this could be more fulfilling that it feels right now. 

The income your business makes isn’t exactly shouting freedom to you. 

You still have doubts and wobbles about your abilities, you dabble in getting more qualifications or wondering if you’re really connecting and attracting the right people. 

Sometimes you can’t figure out what to promote next. What do people want from you? What’s the purpose to all this? 

The idea of putting your prices up, shifting your offering to something that feels really aligned or going bigger brings up all your stories and insecurities. 

Better to just keep doing what you’re doing, right? Who are you to want more from your business? 

What if you could shift from where you are now, to where you really want to be?

Because the truth you already know, is that what got you here will not get you there.

What if...

  • You attracted enquiries every single week from dream clients you know you want to work with?

  • You started charging what you’re really worth, prices that truly reflect the transformation you offer your customers and bring you the freedom in your life you’re craving?

  • You completely re-thought your business model and developed the confident mindset to trust it would work for you and the audience you want to help?

  • You started seeing all those outward markers of success you’ve been craving - invitations to speak, recognition as a leader in your field and growth in your audience without the slog? 
  • You came to the desk with skip in your step: purposeful and clear on what you need to do to really move the needle and to see enquiries, bookings and money flow in? 

  • You stopped investing in course after course to find the answer to running a more successful wellness business and started doing it in your own aligned, fail-proof way that results in success? 

  • You knew exactly what your customers needed from you and you trusted yourself 100% to deliver it in the best way you know how, every single time you came up with a new idea?

Let’s turn those ‘ifs’ into your reality right now

Over 6 months together we’ll work together on what’s needed to enable all thriving and wellness businesses to reach the next level:



Get clear on the vision

All the action in the world is wasted if you don’t know where you’re headed. We’ll give you the space and structure to download your big vision for yourself and your business, no holds barred. Here you’re allowed, no, encouraged to think big so I can help you step into that vision for real. 

Formulate a plaN

With the vision formulated, together we’ll create a strategy and get a plan in place that provides you with the framework for your dream wellness business on your terms. Visions and ideas are great, but with my practical know-how and support we’ll flesh it out into a plan that you can start to work through.

Attract more money

Get paid well for your worth and expertise. Imagine! The only thing stopping you from doing that right now is you. It’s time to switch the gears up on your mindset to bring in the kind of money that you feel excited about earning in your wellness business. And know that making money doesn’t mean you don’t care about people.

Work with dream clients

Release the desperation to people-please and just work with anyone and instead attract and work with dream customers and clients. Start building a community of your biggest fans, shouting about you from the rooftops and spreading the word about what you do so the enquiries flow.

Embrace visibility

No more hiding in the shadows waiting to be discovered and worrying about judgement from others. It’s time to be visible in a way that doesn’t feel terrifying or inauthentic. We’ll look at the mindsets holding you back and create a supportive way to show-up online and in-person to support your business vision.

Be productive

No more busy-idle. No more hours on your business that don’t actually move you forward. It’s time to get the systems and support in place that will help you be productive and the ability to focus on the stuff that matters. That’s what up-levelling means.

Up-level in every way

No more playing small. No more putting up with the “I guess I’ll take that” or “I suppose that will do.” It’s time for you to up-level from the inside out. Radically changing how you think so that the shifts from within start to manifest and materialise in the life you live and the business you run.

Elevate is a 6 month 1:1 mentoring programme that will next-level you and your wellness business

Here’s what your 6 month Elevate journey with me looks like:

  • 1 x business immersion day (held online or in-person) 
  • 10 x 60 minute mentoring sessions (taken every 2-3 weeks)

Working with me as your mentor is like having a business partner. I want to fully understand who you help, what you offer, how it works and how you’re promoting it so I can best advise you during our time together. 

With fresh eyes on what you’re doing, together we’ll re-invigorate your business and create a plan forward that feels exciting and aligned with what you want to be doing (not just what works right now, but you’re too scared to change).

Our mentoring sessions will be led by you and what you need most from me to progress and shift (because there’s no cookie-cutter plans here). Whether that’s launch strategies, new products and pricing, growing your authority, getting more strategic, managing your time or a recurring mindset block that brings you down, we’ll work through it together.

All our sessions will be recorded so you can listen back to the juicy content we discussed whenever you need.

Every session will leave you with clear action steps to take, with detailed notes sent to you after our time together to keep you on track.


You also get...

You get access to these resources throughout the 6 months we work together and life-time access afterwards too, so you can work on your own timeline to keep building beyond our 1:1 time together.

Over 50 hours of pre-recorded training

Worksheets and playbooks

Me in your back-pocket, whenever you need me + SPECIAL BONUS SESSION

You'll get access to my expansive client resources area covers everything you need to know to up-level your wellness business including training and downloads on:

  • How to write irresistible sales pages
  • How to run online webinars and events
  • How to shift your money mindset 
  • How to pinpoint your perfect client and much much more…

Over 50 hours of pre-recorded training

Worksheets and playbooks

Me in your back-pocket, whenever you need me + SPECIAL BONUS SESSION

Take my processes and implement them for yourself, including an Awareness Days Calendar with 200+ health and wellness awareness days to map out your content and my highly popular How To Sell Your Wellness Event playbook, with a full marketing plan to launch and promote your events.

Over 50 hours of pre-recorded training

Worksheets and playbooks

Me in your back-pocket, whenever you need me + SPECIAL BONUS SESSION

Whether it’s a pep-talk, a business crisis or a steer through a sales conversation that happens between sessions, I’m right there beside you, just a Voxer voice-note, message or email away. You’re not doing this alone.

BONUS "Why you?" session with Story By Design

In addition to sessions with me, you'll get a bonus 1:1 60 minute session with Brand Message Expert Becky Lloyd-Pack to help you banish the words "why me?" and instead feel confident telling your audience why you're the best person to help them.

It’s run by me, Vicky Shilling: 
The Wellness Business Mentor

I help people step into wellness careers, find their confidence and build a work-life that truly serves both them and the people they want to help in the world. 

Over the last 4 years I’ve supported over 250 health entrepreneurs through 1:1 coaching, in-person and online workshops to:

  • Double their monthly incomes 
  • Show up consistently and confidently online
  • Launch new products and programmes 
  • Go full-time into their businesses 
  • Completely shift their money mindsets 
  • Develop confidence to step into solopreneurship 
  • Live a life of more freedom in their wellness businesses

Now it’s your turn

How do you know I’m the right mentor for you?

Well firstly, you’re here reading this. That’s a good sign you know you need support and you’ve come to someone who has experience getting you the results you’ve seen others achieve.

I’m also going to be the perfect fit for you if:

  • You know you’re meant to be making a big impact in the world of wellness and you want someone on your side who believes that is possible for you (and can show you how) 
  • You’re looking for a mentor that’s going to truly listen and help you find your own way to do things, rather than force you through a cookie-cutter plan  
  • You’re ready and willing put in the hours, you just want to know what’s worth your time and effort 
  • You’re sick of hearing it’s easy to make a good income doing what you love and you’re ready to get to the truth of how to make a wellness business really fly  
  • You want to work with someone who will teach you the lessons from their own story and share their own imperfect journey, because ultimately no-one has it all figured out

If you’re not sure if you need a coach, mentor or trainer right now, 
I’ve written this blog post to help.

Practice success
Don't chase it

What my clients say


“Working with Vicky has been the best investment in my business hands down to date.

In our time together I was hoping to build a sustainable business making consistent income where clients were finding me not me chasing them all the time. I can confidently say my expectations were surpassed. Vicky has given me the tools and accountability to move my business along significantly to the point where I have fallen in love with being an entrepreneur again."

Katie Shore, Nutritional Therapist

“It feels like a total transformation since we started working together.

Since working with Vicky I’ve successfully doubled my pricing (and feel confident with it), achieved a higher than expected turnover and am successfully selling without feeling salesly. 

I’m so grateful for all the support, thank you Vicky."

Jo Moscalu, Binge Eating Dietitian

“IT'S SO HELPFUL TO see that you've paved a pathway in what can be done.

I've thoroughly enjoyed our time together and appreciate when you have called me out on my own BS! It's been so helpful to bounce ideas of you."

Claire Feldman, Eatology

“Working with Vicky has totally transformed me and my business.

Vicky helped me to uncover some deeply hidden limiting beliefs that had been holding me back. I am thrilled that my business now feels totally aligned with me and my values and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. 

I’m even excited to be learning the tech stuff and I never thought I would be saying that! Thanks so much Vicky, your resources are amazing, and your coaching has been truly life-changing."

Helen Lambert, Nutritional Therapist

"I would have gladly paid double what I did - Working with Vicky has been fantastic.

It was so helpful having someone on my side saying 'well done' or 'you've got this' as I stepped out into the world of business ownership for the first time. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vicky's services or the Just Start Now course and community to anybody, and hope to work with her again in the future

Bex Brame, Health Coach

Now it’s your turn
Investment is €6,500 + VAT* 

or 6 x interest free monthly instalments of €1,083.33 + VAT*

* VAT. What a bore, hey?! 🙄 Let me explain: 
If you live in the EU then I have to charge VAT unless you are also registered for VAT in your country. 
If you live in a non-EU country (like the UK) then my fee is VAT-free. 
VAT as of 1st March 2021 in Ireland (where I live) is 23%. 
Just thought I’d clear that up while you had your calculator out 🧮


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

My 6-month mentoring package is €6,500 (pay in full), or 6 interest-free monthly payments of €1,083.33.

Do you offer any longer payment plans?

I offer a 6 month payment plan as standard for this 6-month package. If you need to pay over a longer period in smaller instalments, we can discuss the option to extend the plan further. 

If you're booking in advance then I'm also happy to just start the payment plan earlier so that you can easily stretch it out over a longer period. We can talk about the terms that work for you if we jump on a call and see if it’s a good fit. 

Do you offer any other 1:1 packages?

I work with people over 6 months because I believe in gradual change that takes time. I don’t sell quick fixes or income promises in a matter of weeks. I believe an enjoyable, sustainable business evolves with time and I want to support you on that journey. That’s why my 1:1 offer has evolved over the years from a 90 day, to a 120 day to now a 6 month programme. 

The only other way I work with people 1:1 is my Turning Point mentoring offer which you can find out more about here. 

If you have a custom time period in mind, get in touch and we can discuss options. However just to emphasize again, I believe in sustainable change which does take time.

I’ve pretty much winged it in my business so far, will this work for me?

One of my key values is taking action. My business has thrived on implementing strategy, pushing out of the comfort zone and working towards clear goals (including financial ones!). 

I’m not perfect and it still feels messy a lot of the time. But being able to come back to a clear structure is what works for me and the clients who have the most success with my way of working. 

I always explore with my clients to find what works for them. I will never tell or force you to do something you don’t want to do (because that’s not sustainable). However, my approach does mean stepping into more ‘masculine energy’ when I think it could be useful and harnessed to help you reach the vision you’ve set for yourself.

This will work for you if you’re willing to try something new with different strategies and techniques to build the business you want.  

This will not work for you if you are unwilling to experiment with goal setting, and explore honestly where resistance and blocks come up for you in trying things in the ways suggested.

How will you hold me accountable?

I am obsessed with accountability - I truly believe having someone to check in with on a regular basis and who asks if you ticked off that task you set yourself, creates the magic and outcomes you’re looking for. That’s the role I play as a mentor. 

We can find a way to keep you accountable that works for you - I can leave you to your own devices between sessions, or check-in with you weekly, or daily if you need via voice-notes, email or messaging.  

Another key point of accountability is that we stick to the 6-month time frame. Continually stretching out the sessions and pushing back on meeting and getting things done won’t move you forward, so I will flag this if I see cancelling and shifting sessions becomes too regular. This is done from a place of love and wanting change, which is why you’ve booked to work with me.

How does message & voice note support work?

I use a free app called Voxer to keep in touch with my clients - it’s just like WhatsApp with messaging and voice-note capabilities, but in a separate app so I can have my ‘work’ and ‘personal’ life separate when I use my phone. 

It's really easy to use, and means I’m in your back pocket whenever you need a pep-talk, you’re having a wobble, you’ve got a situation you’re not sure how to handle or if you’ve lost track of what your priorities are. 

You can use this in whatever way you want - some clients love to send me long voice notes, some just text. And some don’t use it at all - they prefer to catch up in our sessions and communicate by email. We’ll work in whatever way is best for you.

How often can I contact you?

Whenever you need, knowing and trusting that I set my own boundaries around my time and energy and will respond to you when I can, usually within 24-48hrs at the latest during the week.

Even if I don't reply instantly, my clients often find that getting in touch and communicating the problem they’re having actually helps them get clear on their actions - much like a good coaching session. Sometimes just knowing someone who ‘gets it’ is there on the end of the line is all you need to realise you have all the answers (but don’t worry, I give good tips and advice too if you need it!).

Please note I am now fully booked for 1:1 mentoring clients until April 2023. 
If you’d like to talk about booking in to start in April 2023, fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch. 

Ready to join Elevate?

Please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch to arrange a call to establish whether Elevate is the right choice for you: 


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