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Health and wellness awareness days calendar Q2 preview graphic

April 1, 2023

Health and wellness awareness days calendar 2023 – the key dates you need in your diary for Q2

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The first quarter of the year is over and I know many of us had loads of good intentions to produce loads of ‘content’ for 2023… and yet at this stage in the game enthusiasm is waning and you might be staring at an empty planner or social media feed, hoping for divine intervention. 

Don’t panic. I am here 😇

Let me see if I can fill you back up with some fizz and focus with a few of the highlights from my Health & Wellness Awareness Days calendar which you can download yourself for loads more ideas.

Read on to discover how awareness days and awareness months could boost your business profile and help you to get a head start on planning your marketing in 2023.

How to use the Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2023

The health and wellness awareness days calendar lists over 200 awareness days, as well as listing health-related awareness months giving you a comprehensive downloadable calendar of key dates throughout the year, that are relevant for health and wellness-based businesses and practitioners. There are a few fun dates thrown in along the way, World Laughter Day anyone!? 😋

So, how to get started:

1. Download your FREE Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2023

2. Choose 1-2 awareness days

  • Choose 1-2 health awareness days from each month that are most relevant to your business and your ideal clients and factor them into your content plan and promotions. Please don’t feel like you have to use every single awareness day!

3. Check the date/s

  • Do a quick check of the date/s before you post just to make sure the date hasn’t changed or moved. As much as we regularly check and update the calendar, it’s always good to double-check as some dates are not confirmed so early in advance or can shift by a few days or a week.

4. Use #hashtags and resources

  • Make use of the relevant hashtags and resources where possible. Many of the awareness days have whole campaigns behind them, so this is an ideal way to join in the conversation and engage with your audience on topics that matter to them.

5. Tap into #journorequests

  • Check #journorequest on Twitter for the chance to be quoted in the press as journalists are often looking for comments from practitioners and experts around awareness day topics. Not sure how to promote your wellness business? Check out my blog post: How to do PR for your wellness business

There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve already got some content in the bag and scheduled ahead of time (the dream right!)?, whether it be an Instagram post, a blog post, a newsletter or maybe even a podcast episode. 

Let’s get you into a content creation groove with some key awareness day dates for your 2023 diary if you’re a health, fitness or wellness practitioner.
Health and wellness awareness days calendar Q2 preview graphic

Here is a taster of upcoming awareness days for the second quarter of 2023. For the full list download your free Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar for instant access.

April 2023 Health Awareness Days

  • April is big for full awareness months, not just day! Take your pick from Stress Awareness Month to IBS and Bowel Cancer Awareness. A whole month to think of ideas and tap into wider conversations. What a gift!
  • A silly and fun one – 4th April is International Carrot Day so share your recipes, facts and nutrition advice on why it’s a fabulous veg to have in your diet.
  • 26th April will be Stop Food Waste Day which I feel you’ll have lots of ideas for, and also happens to be World Stationery Day, so even if you’ve got nothing to say about nose-to-tail cooking I bet you’ve got a tonne to share about planners, journals and notepads, am I right?! 

May 2023 Health Awareness Days

  • Maternal Mental Health Week runs 1-7th May and I know this will be a big one for many of you. The overall theme of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 is ‘Together in a changing world’ and there are daily topics you could create content around here.
  • It’s International Hummus Day on 13th May and I just know you’ve got a recipe to share, some health benefits to rave about or a funny memory to get people chatting about with you.
  • World Digestive Health Day is the 29th May and you can join in the conversation using #WDHD and #YourDigestiveHealth. This could be a great hashtag to search and connect with collaborators in your field and you can also submit an event you’re hosting (free or paid) to the directory here for extra exposure. Free webinar topic perhaps? 

June 2023 Health Awareness Days

  • It’s World Milk Day on the 1st June and I feel like there are so many angles here depending on your area of expertise – whether that’s breastmilk, plant-based alternatives or milk-based recipes and benefits.
  • Global Wellness Day is 10th June and this year the theme is #DanceMagenta, focusing on the healing power of dance both physically and mentally, making it accessible for all. Dance with body, mind and your life – how could you use this one? More details at
  • International Day of Yoga returns on 21st June and is the perfect time to talk about the benefits, offer classes and testers or collaborate with yoga practitioners if you’re not one yourself. 21st June is also National Selfie Day in the UK which is a fun and easy one to get your face out there or talking about the phenomenon of filters and obsession with sharing and looking at images of ourselves if that’s part of your message to your audience.

Want them in calendar format so you can add to them? I’ve made exactly that for you here to download for free.

Including over 200 key health awareness dates that are relevant to personal trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers and wellness professionals to keep you relevant and on-trend, and never without a topic to talk about in your social media posts, newsletters and podcasts.

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