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Health and wellness awareness days calendar Q3 preview graphic

June 21, 2023

Health and wellness awareness days calendar 2023 – the key dates you need in your diary for Q3

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We’ve reached the halfway point of the year – can you believe it?! Summer here in the northern hemisphere feels like it’s definitely arrived and I know for many the months of July and August are time to switch off and relax, and do less marketing and promoting in your business.

However. One thing I know I will certainly be doing over the summer months is scheduling content to be going out to my audience even while I’m switching off and spending time with my family. Getting ahead and having content drip out to keep you front of mind with your ideal customers is such a reassurance when you’re taking some much needed downtime.

And let’s not forget, summer doesn’t necessarily mean quiet / no income for everyone! I know many health and wellbeing practitioners and coaches who have bumper months across the summer – retreats, clients coming while they have holidays and time and space to focus on themselves… summer doesn’t have to mean a dry desert in terms of work.

Whether you’re going to be active or scheduling ahead I’ve picked out a few of the highlights from my Health & Wellness Awareness Days calendar which you can download yourself for loads more ideas.

Read on to discover how awareness days and awareness months could boost your business profile and help you to get a head start on planning your marketing in 2023.

How to use the Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2023

The health and wellness awareness days calendar lists over 200 awareness days, as well as listing health-related awareness months giving you a comprehensive downloadable calendar of key dates throughout the year, that are relevant for health and wellness-based businesses and practitioners. There are a few fun dates thrown in along the way, World Laughter Day anyone!? 😋

So, how to get started:

1. Download your FREE Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2023

2. Choose 1-2 awareness days

  • Choose 1-2 health awareness days from each month that are most relevant to your business and your ideal clients and factor them into your content plan and promotions. Please don’t feel like you have to use every single awareness day!

3. Check the date/s

  • Do a quick check of the date/s before you post just to make sure the date hasn’t changed or moved. As much as we regularly check and update the calendar, it’s always good to double-check as some dates are not confirmed so early in advance or can shift by a few days or a week.

4. Use #hashtags and resources

  • Make use of the relevant hashtags and resources where possible. Many of the awareness days have whole campaigns behind them, so this is an ideal way to join in the conversation and engage with your audience on topics that matter to them.

5. Tap into #journorequests

  • Check #journorequest on Twitter for the chance to be quoted in the press as journalists are often looking for comments from practitioners and experts around awareness day topics. Not sure how to promote your wellness business? Check out my blog post: How to do PR for your wellness business

There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve already got some content in the bag and scheduled ahead of time (the dream right!)?, whether it be an Instagram post, a blog post, a newsletter or maybe even a podcast episode. 

Let’s get you into a content creation groove with some key awareness day dates for your 2023 diary if you’re a health, fitness or wellness practitioner.
Health and wellness awareness days calendar Q3 preview graphic

Here is a taster of upcoming awareness days for the third quarter of 2023. For the full list download your free Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar for instant access.

July 2023 Health Awareness Days

  • Alcohol Awareness Week runs 3-9th July in the UK and the theme this year is ‘Alcohol and Cost.’ Alcohol Change have resources on their website but I bet you also have thoughts, ideas and stories to share about the role alcohol plays in health.
  • A silly and fun one – 7th July is World Chocolate Day so share your recipes, facts and nutrition advice on why it’s a fabulous ingredient (or not?!) to have in your diet.
  • 24th July every year is International Self-Care Day so that’s a great one to focus in on to help your audience think about or build some self-care habits or to position yourself as an expert in your particular variety of self-care.

August 2023 Health Awareness Days

  • World Breast Feeding Week runs 1-7th August every year and is a global campaign to raise awareness and galvanise action on themes related to breastfeeding. This year the theme is Enabling Breastfeeding – making a difference for working parents; I know those of you in this field will have bags to share on this topic!
  • There seems to be some discrepancies over when National Burger Day is – Ireland celebrated it back on 22nd June, but in the UK you might find it’s being served up on the Thursday before the Bank Holiday which this year is the 24th August. Got a good recipe?!
  • If you’re wanting another fun and light one for the summer, International Dog Day features on 26th August so you can celebrate all things pooch and where your dog fits into your health and happiness story.

September 2023 Health Awareness Days

  • September is awash with awareness months such as Organic September, PCOS Awareness Month and World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month so if any of these feature in your area of expertise there is a whole month you can create content, events and pitch stories to the press to feature in.
  • 4-8th September is Zero Waste Week and the organisation’s website has lots of resources, but I’ve no doubt you can tap into this buzz and create your own events, talks and content about this important topic if it’s your bag.
  • 30th September every year is International Podcast Day and this is such an easy one to create content around – whether you have your own podcast or not. People love a good pod recommendation so if you’ve got favourites then share yours today with your audience – a great way to get shares and reach new people!

Want them in calendar format so you can add to them? I’ve made exactly that for you here to download for free.

Including over 200 key health awareness dates that are relevant to personal trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers and wellness professionals to keep you relevant and on-trend, and never without a topic to talk about in your social media posts, newsletters and podcasts.

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