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January 24, 2022

[053] How to make your wellness business more inclusive with Sarah Taylor

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Some of the things we talked about when it comes to making your business more inclusive:

  • What the benefits are of making your business more inclusive – the loyalty of the LGBTQ+ community in championing you and your business and the need for health and wellness services, particularly around mental health with this community, came top!
  • Why pronouns matter and what to say if someone asks why you’ve included them in your website or profiles – demonstrating to the world that you don’t see the world as binary (male and female only) and to show you are an inclusive business.
  • How to be inclusive without being ‘token gesture’ and taking actions or including things like pronouns, without fully understanding why you’re doing it. Sarah shares her thoughts on the term ‘womxn’ and whether this is helpful!
  • The necessity for making mistakes and being willing to get it ‘wrong’ when you attempt to be fully inclusive in your business.
  • How to be inclusive whilst still niching and knowing your ideal customer. For example – how to say you help women in the menopause, but still be inclusive. Sarah recommends these steps:
    • Start by opening up and identifying anyone who could benefit from your product or service (we struggled to think of anything that LGBTQ+ people couldn’t benefit from!)
    • Be clear on who you are including and who you want to serve
    • If you are making the decision know why you’re excluding LGBTQ+ people from your services – know whether you are the right person to hold space for them and have recommendations to pass on to if you aren’t the right practitioner.
    • Be clear in your marketing about who you do and don’t serve.

Great people to follow that Sarah recommended to help see how others use inclusive language:

Lucy Rowett, sexologist and intimacy coach

Jo Westwood, the co-dependency coach

Tanya Glyde, psychotherapist and counsellor working with those who are GSRD (Gender, Sex and Relationship Diverse) identified


More about Mind Out, the mental health charity for the LGBTQ+ Sarah is a board member for here

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