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January 17, 2022

[052] Should you list your prices on your website?

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In this podcast I discuss the pros and cons of listing your prices on your website.

There’s more on this topic in this blog post.

Reasons I list prices on my website:

  • I find sales conversations easier to have when people know my price
  • If I was on the other side of the transaction i.e. I am being sold to, I feel the seller is someone I am more likely to buy from if they are transparent about pricing.
  • I think revealing a price only on a call rather than listing it on a website or other marketing material is for those more confident in sales. It means you know your worth and, crucially, you can capably handle objections.

On the other hand, here’ are the reasons you might not want to put your prices on your website:

  • Your customers will all have money stories about what is and isn’t ‘good value’. And those deep entrenched stories and judgements are really hard to overcome if you aren’t talking to someone directly.
  • Rather than reading the sales page for your offer and seeing how brilliantly helpful and aligned what you do is, your ideal client may scroll straight past all the text, testimonials and videos you’ve carefully prepared, and make a split decision when they see a figure.
  • A sales page, however awesomely written it is, can never truly convey the transformation and result that your ideal client could get if they booked on with you. And ultimately that’s what they’re buying – a result. An outcome.
  • However many FAQs you include on a sales page or answer on your Instagram Stories or share in an email marketing campaign, there will always be something the customer still doesn’t feel quite sure about.


Don’t know how to write a good sales page to put your prices on (or not!)?
I’ve got you covered with this access anytime video training about selling you and your services – How to Sell Without Feeling Icky

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