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Health Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2022 preview

January 13, 2022

Health & wellness awareness days calendar 2022 – the key dates you need in your diary

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Here’s why this is important: Getting ideal customers to find you isn’t always easy. Having a content planner filled with ideas that are linked to national and international press opportunities could be a great quick win for you and your wellness business. 

Read on to discover how awareness days could boost your business and get a few of the key dates for 2022.

Why you should be using awareness days in your wellness business content planning 

If you’re a wellness business owner who knows they should be creating more content but find yourself staring at a blank document or empty social media caption all too often, awareness days could be the answer.

Awareness days are brilliant for sparking ideas that you absolutely have inside you, but are probably buried right now in worries about judgement or the plague of perfectionism.

Awareness days can also make your content more timely and relevant so that you’re part of wider conversations. When used effectively you can be seen as a leader, mover and shaker in your area of expertise. Rather than someone bringing up the rear thinking “how did all my competitors know about that campaign and I didn’t?”

Health and Wellness Awareness Days Calendar preview showing cover, February, March and April pages

How to integrate awareness days into your wellness business marketing plan 

Here are my top 5 tips on using awareness days effectively to bring in more business to your wellness business:

  1. Don’t feel you have to join in every single health & wellness awareness day.

    Once you’ve got a calendar (like my one with 180+ dates for 2022) pick 1-2 a month to focus on and weave these into your own promotion and content plans.

  2. Share a personal story around the awareness day topic.

    People engage more with you at a human level if you tell them things about yourself, rather than feeling you need to ‘teach’ or ‘educate’ your audience. If you’ve struggled with or triumphed in the topic of the awareness day, or even just have an everyday kind of story to tell around it, share it!

  3. Split up your awareness day tips into ‘quick win’ captions.

    If you’re going to give out advice for people based around the awareness day theme, split up your tips for the awareness day into short ‘quick win’ captions and articles. You don’t need to fix everything or answer all possible questions in one piece of content! These can also be turned into e.g. 2-minute videos for your website or video channel, or a Reel on Instagram. 

  4. Search the awareness day hashtag and join in conversations.

    Answer questions and leave likes/comments on other people posting about the same topic.

    Social media is designed to be social and this is a great chance to be seen as an expert and to get in front of new people who might not otherwise find you.

    Remember to also check #journorequest on Twitter for the chance to be quoted in the press (there’s more on how to use #journorequest in this blog post on doing your own PR).

  5. Team up with a complimentary practitioner and host an event.

    You can host an event either online or offline, to mark the awareness day. This could be a charity event if the awareness day lends itself to this, or it could be a profit split for you both.

    Being on-trend and planning ahead, you’re more likely to get featured and highlighted by others than just a normal, un-topical event.

Dates for your 2022 diary if you’re a health, fitness or wellness practitioner

January 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 10th January – National Houseplant Week (UK)

  • 21st January – Cervical Screening Awareness Week

  • 21st January – National Hug Day (US)

February 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 10th February – World Pulses Day

  • 19th February – Real Bread Week

  • 21st February – Eating Disorders Awareness Week

March health and wellness calendar page preview showing 3 awareness days examples

March 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 8th March – International Women’s Day

  • 20th March – National Complementary Therapy Week (UK)

  • 23rd March – National Chia Day (UK)

April 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 5th April – International Calm Day

  • 7th April – World Health Day

  • 23rd April – National Asparagus Day (UK)

May 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 6th May – International No Diet Day

  • 16th May – National Vegetarian Week (UK)

  • 29th May – World Digestive Health Day

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June 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 11th June – Global Wellness Day

  • 16th June – Health Coach Day

  • 21st June – International Yoga Day

July health and wellness awareness days calendar page preview showing 3 awareness days examples

 July 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 4th July – Childhood Obesity Week

  • 12th July – National Simplicity Day

  • 30th July – International Friendship Day

August 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 1st August – World Breastfeeding Week

  • 4th August – Cycle To Work Day (UK)

  • 7th August – International Forgiveness Day

September 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 1st September – National Tofu Day (UK)

  • 5th September – Digital Detox Day

  • 30th September – International Podcast Day

October 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 1st October – World Vegetarian Day

  • 11th October – National Work Life Week (UK)

  • 18th October – World Menopause Day

November health awareness days 2022 preview page showing 3 awareness days examples

November 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 1st November – World Vegan Day

  • 3rd November – National Stress Awareness Day (UK)

  • 13th November – World Kindness Day

December 2022 Health Awareness Days

  • 1st December – World AIDS Day

  • 3rd December – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

  • 5th December – International Volunteer Day

This is just a small selection of the global and national health awareness days for 2022.

Want them in calendar format so you can add to them? I’ve made that for you here to download for free.

Now you know the dates, pick the ones that are relevant to you and your business and integrate them into your marketing plans now so that you can benefit from media interest and be seen as an expert or spokesperson (even if that feels scary, I promise – you are an expert!).

With huge global institutions like the United Nations and World Health Organisation behind many of the world and international days in particular, you can be sure that they’ll gain attention.

I’m passionate about making sure you and all your amazing health knowledge gets found by the people that need you.

That’s why I developed my Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2022.

It includes nearly 200 key health awareness dates that are relevant to personal trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers and wellness professionals to keep you relevant and on-trend, and never without a topic to talk about in your content marketing.

Preview for health and wellness awareness days calendar 2022 showing cover, February, March, April pages

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Further information on some of the health awareness days can be found here:

Real Bread Week

International Women’s Day

World Health Day

Global Wellness Day

World Menopause Day

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