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Just Start Now podcast with NAtasha de Grunwald on pink ground

January 10, 2022

[051] How to get comfortable with charging your worth with Natasha de Grunwald

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Today I’m talking to Natasha de Grunwald: author, teacher, coach, trainer and breath-work facilitator.

Natasha has trained hundreds of massage therapists in her time and so we deep dive in this episode into the difficulties we both see wellness practitioners face when it comes to pricing in a way that serves you, your customers and your industry.

Some of the things we talked about when it comes to charging your worth:

  • The mistakes we see people making when it comes to setting prices, like preempting what people can afford.
  • How we feel about ourselves impacts the way we price. Money can feel confrontational and means we have to do a lot of inner work around our feelings of self-worth and confidence in order to price in a way that serves us and our clients.
  • The balance between pricing led by feelings (Natasha’s way!) and a bit of spreadsheet and strategy work (Vicky’s way!) to come to a price point that feels good and makes practical sense.
  • Pricing as self care – a revolutionary thought! What if charging appropriately was a radical way to take care of yourself?
  • How to increase your prices – giving people notice of a price increase and not being afraid to do this regularly to reflect your increased skills and capabilities and the rising cost of living.

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