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January 3, 2022

[050] How to market your wellness business without social media

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In this podcast I discuss the 10 reasons I think you shouldn’t be relying on social media to market your business and then share the four areas I think you should be focusing on instead to get consistent bookings, without needing to pump out content on socials.

There’s more on marketing without social media in this blog post.


10 reasons to stop relying on social media to market your business:

  • You’re building your business on someone else’s land
  • You increasingly have to pay to be seen
  • You have to spend more and more time for less and less results
  • Algorithms change which is super frustrating
  • Social media companies are not kind, benevolent organisations
  • It’s not sustainable long term
  • It affects our brains negatively
  • There are better ways to market yourself
  • The platform you use will eventually lose popularity and die
  • Your ideal clients might not actually be using it!


Four areas you should focus on instead:

  • Website and SEO
    • Listen to this episode of the podcast on starting a website
    • Listen to this episode of the podcast with Maddy Shine for SEO tips
  • Mailing list and lead magnet
    • Listen to this episode of the podcast on starting a mailing list
    • Access my masterclass on how to start and grow a mailing list
  • Referrals and your network
    • Listen to this episode of the podcast with Kate Matheson about building a professional referral network
  • PR and other people’s audiences





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