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December 20, 2021

[049] How to write great copy for your business with Lea Tierney

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Today I’m talking to Lea Tierney, our resident copywriting expert inside the Just Start Now community.

Lea and I talk about the power of great copy, what stops wellness business owners writing brilliantly to attract customers (hello fixed mindsets!) and Lea shares 3 tips to master compelling copy that converts.

Some of the things we talked about when it comes to writing great copy for business:

  • Lea’s 3 Cs explanation of the power of great copy: chemistry, credibility and confidence.
  • The biggest problem Lea sees people have when it comes to putting what they do into words: overcomplicating things!
  • How copywriting – which might sound scary and complicated – is actually all about story telling and having conversations, just the same as selling.
  • How a professional copywriter can help you and when to hire one
  • Lea’s three tips for writing better copy for your business:
    • Practice talking to your ideal client and write content as if you were speaking directly to them
    • Your copy isn’t about you – centring your writing on the reader and describing instead why you’re the perfect person to help them
    • Focus on the transformation and outcome you help your customers achieve

Find out more about Lea Tierney:

Lea Tierney’s website

Lea Tierney on LinkedIn

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