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January 29, 2020

How to write blog posts that sell wellness events

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Here’s why this is important: Creating blog posts around an event theme can be a great way to repurpose your content in a way that connects with your ideal client.

Read on to find out how to create engaging blog posts that motivate people to attend your event.

Writing a blog post – or a short series of blog posts – about the core content of an event you are planning to host is a great, non-salesy way of passing on information and casually dropping in that you’re doing an event.

Writing blog posts also ensures you’re speaking directly to the people who want the content your event is offering.

Blog posts also give people a few little easy wins / ah-ha moments to really inspire them to book with you. 

 So… lots of great reasons to write blog posts if you’re looking to sell an event, right?

But: when you’re planning an event and there’s so much to do, writing a blog post can feel like an unnecessary distraction from all the logistics you need to focus on.

Here’s the thing:

Writing a blog post doesn’t have to be duplicating work. You could in fact take some of your content, script or slides from the event you’re going to deliver and reduce it down to a 500-1,000 word blog post for example.

Always think about ways to repurpose!


Building a health and wellness business

When you’re writing your blog post that you want to motivate people to buy a ticket to your event, think about writing in two different ways:



‘Why’ blog posts are really good at helping your potential attendee understand their situation, their actions or their symptoms. It gives them a real light-bulb moment and a sense of connection.

Why blogs also make your readers and potential buyers feel really understood. And feeling heard and understood are good feelings to make someone trust you. 

If I was running an event about How To Cure Headaches, some examples of great ‘why’ blog posts would be:

  • 3 reasons why you keep getting headaches 

  • This is why your headache pills aren’t working any more 

  • Why you need to stop thinking coffee gives you headaches and do this instead 

  • The single biggest reason you keep getting headaches that you’d never realised  



‘How’ blog posts are the natural go-to for most of us. We want to answer people’s questions.


Sometimes people aren’t ready for the how.

Sometimes they aren’t in the place to try something new and sometimes, if you give them too much information, it all feels too overwhelming and they don’t know where to start. They then feel disconnected from you. 

I’m not saying never do a ‘how’ blog post. Absolutely do.

But try to keep it as streamlined, focused, actionable and simple as possible. And then invite people to attend your event if they want to go deeper and learn more. 

If I was running an event about How To Cure Headaches, some examples of great ‘how’ blog posts would be:

  • 5 ways to shift a headache quickly 

  • How to reduce a headache quickly when you’re at work 

  • How to eat right to prevent headaches 

Even if this blog post doesn’t turn into sales, this content is never wasted. Once it’s written, the blog post is there then as great evergreen (non-date specific, all-year-round relevant) content on your website for the future, to help others. You can always repurpose and re-share it throughout the year. 



Don’t hide behind writing hundreds of blog posts to ‘promote’ your event. This is only a small part of a much bigger marketing strategy. Just writing the blogs alone is not going to sell your event. Don’t let this take masses of time. 


Want to know how to create a full marketing strategy for your wellness event?

I’ve designed a playbook that gives you the templates and plan you need to fill a room with your ideal audience, which I share inside the Just Start Now course.

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