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January 6, 2020

This is how much cash I invested in myself in 2019

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Here’s why this is important: Sometimes you need that help, support and accountability from someone else to see the shifts you need in your personal and professional life.

Read on to find out why I choose to prioritise myself and my business and how to get the most out of your investments.

Hello there. Funny you chose to check this blog post out. I’m not surprised really. We’re all super nosey when it comes to money aren’t we?! 

And that’s because money is a real leveller. It really highlights the difference between what we earn and what we’re willing to invest to learn and grow. It’s something we can directly compare with others. 

I’ve done a huge amount of work on my money mindset over the last couple of years and realising that investment is not only necessary, but an incredible enabler and energy shifter when it comes to both personal and professional growth.

I shared my figures from 2019 in this Instagram post if you’d like to see how my year shaped up. 

When it comes to investing in myself, here’s the break-down of how I invested in myself in 2019: 

Coaching training with Erickson International 

I started my training to be a coach in September 2018 and continued with the second module of the course with Erickson International in February 2019. 

This training isn’t cheap of course, but it means I’m better at what I do. Just as many of you get qualifications and training to be amazing Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Nutritionists or Therapists, this is my investment in myself. 




Building a health and wellness business


One-to-one coaching with Kerry Lyons

I’ve known Kerry Lyons for several years now; we both took one of Sarah Akwisombe’s very first No Bull Business School courses about starting a blog back in 2016.

I’ve followed Kerry ever since then and helped give her feedback on her products and services along the way. She’s always supported me in a free way via social media. That’s why I felt when I was ready to jump into working with someone 1:1, Kerry felt like the right person. 

I can’t tell others to invest in 1:1 coaching unless I’m doing it myself. Working with a coach 1:1 is something I’ll definitely be continuing in 2020. 


Build Your Online Audience with Janet Murray

I was recommended Janet Murray’s podcast 18 months ago and have listened ever since and actioned many of her recommendations for audience growth.

Again notice the theme… a long time building trust with someone and the amazing free content they provide before I felt ready to invest. 

When Janet launched her Build Your Online Audience membership as a BETA programme for a bargain price of £30pm, I snapped up the chance. The course is packed with super actionable advice and the group is one of the most active and supportive I’ve ever seen. 




How to start a wellness business | Vicky Shilling


Message Mastery and Magic Money with Suzy Ashworth 

I never really impulse buy. But I hit a really low patch in July 2019. Half way through the year I was trying to do it all by myself. I thought because I’d paid to train as a coach and done a couple of 1:1 sessions that was enough, And I realised it simply wasn’t.

I had never heard of Suzy Ashworth and her work before I saw a post of hers shared by Annie Rideout on Instagram. It came at the exact right time I was looking for something to invest in to shift my energy. 

I clicked, went through her free pre-recorded online masterclass and purchased a 1 year place on her Message Mastery course within a couple of hours of watching.

This never happens with me.

But Suzy’s ability to connect, speak directly to me and promise me exactly what I wanted to see in myself and my own business came at precisely the right time. 

I invested further in Suzy’s one-off Magic Money 7 day course later that month too, inspired by her £75k month and keen to learn the mindsets and actions she took to welcome in that kind of abundance. 


Lucy Sheridan’s The Good Gram Activation 

I’d be surprised if you didn’t notice Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan’s #TheGoodGram Challenge back in September which shook Instagram and got over 1000 people excited and engaged on Instagram. 

Again Lucy Sheridan is someone I’ve admired from afar for years, after seeing her speak back in 2017 at Fare Healthy in London (on a tiny side-stage might I add!!).

I knew she’d make a sell at the end of the challenge (because there always is, right?), but from the get-go I was in because I could see the impact of what she was doing. The Good Gram Activation teaches how to use Instagram for more business growth, expert positioning and impact. 

I upgraded to VIP when I purchased to have my own 1:1 session with Lucy which really built my confidence and helped straighten out a few things in my head about how I show-up online and build a reputation. That feeling you’re joining a special inner-circle has been so important to me, as well as connecting with like-minded people in the community of members of the programme. 

So… what did that all come to?

Drum-roll please…. 

Total investment in myself in 2019: €3,197.90 


Health and wellness business


What did I learn from my investment in coaching in 2019? 

1. Investing in yourself is essential 

What I’m trying to show you here is how important it is to invest in yourself. 

Just intelligence, sheer determination and hours alone won’t make you an amazing business owner. You will have to invest in great advice, support and someone to really help you work through the blocks you’re putting in your own way. Because trust me, they’re there.  


2. Investing in yourself rarely feels ‘easy’ or ‘comfortable’, but it works 

I also want to say that this money wasn’t always ‘easy’ to hand over. It wasn’t ever ‘spare’ and I certainly never felt I could just ‘give it a go’ and not worry about the quality of the investment. 

Please don’t think I’m any different from you in having this money.

I just chose to prioritise my money on these things. Rather than other things in 2019. Like a honeymoon, which I didn’t get to go on because I prioritised investing in myself for my business first. 

I fully subscribe to the Jen Sincero principle that investment in yourself should actually feel a little bit uncomfortable. Because then you’re going to see bigger shifts. You’ll take it more seriously, the person delivering will take you more seriously, and everyone gets better results. 


3. Investing is most valuable when you go in mentally, as well as financially 

Ultimately the amount you pay a coach or for training is only ever as valuable as the work and energy you match it with. 

I am really careful with what I invest in (probably slightly too much still!), and if I choose to say yes, I make sure I’m committed. I show up to the live sessions, I do the home-work, I take actions, I engage in the groups, I connect with the members, I give back as well as receive.

I make the investment work as hard as possible. By working as hard as possible myself. 




Starting a health business


What should you invest in for your wellness business in 2020? 

I realise it’s a total minefield out there. There are so many people offering the world. Promising you fast growth, six-figure businesses, hundreds of clients, sold-out events… the list goes on. 

My advice is to go with the people you know, like and trust. On the whole that’s what I did in 2019 and I haven’t regretted a penny.

Get recommendations from others that you trust too about who they’ve worked with and watch them over weeks, months or even years if you need, to ensure they resonate with you and offer what you need.

And be prepared to put the work in and squeeze all the juice out of the investments you choose to make. 

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