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January 25, 2024

Key health and wellness awareness dates you need in your diary for Q1 2024

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We’re now well into the swing of things in the first quarter of 2024 and I know for sure one of the commitments of many health and wellness solopreneurs is to stay regular and consistent with their content creation. Perhaps you’re one of them reading this!

One of the sessions we’ve introduced to the offering inside the Just Start Now course and community is quarterly content planning sessions to help our members stay on track with them and give them 10 ideas for the quarter ahead to commit to and produce.

But why should you produce content for your wellness business? What is the point?

  • In short, content = trust = sales. Content is basically your way of sharing what your ideal clients need to see and hear from you, in a way that feels good for you so that enough trust grows to be ready to invest in your services. Content for some looks like writing blogs and articles, for others that will be podcasting or audio, for others videos, for others live events.
  • Content positions you as an authority and shows off your area of expertise. Just having your qualification pinned on your wall isn’t enough to convey to ideal clients that you are the perfect fit for them and you know your stuff. Content helps you showcase this.
  • Content shows that you are consistent and reliable. If we need trust to get people to buy from us, then anything we can produce that says “I am here for you, I can be reliable” is gold-dust to those looking for someone to invest their money in to help with their health.
  • Content helps you get found by new people that need you. Quite often it can feel like we’re talking to a very small audience that never seems to grow. Great content helps expand that audience and reach new people that need you, but just haven’t discovered you yet.
  • Content enables you to show your voice and stand out from the crowd so people know why to book you. In a market that can often feel saturated, content is your ticket to expressing yourself and being seen as different from the others that are blending in and offering generic services and help.
  • Content helps you attract ideal, aligned customers which is what we all want – to do work that feels rewarding with clients that get our way of helping and are signed up to the process and methods you offer.

If I’m convincing you on the need to create content then I’ve picked out a few of the highlights from my Health & Wellness Awareness Days calendar which you can download yourself for loads more ideas.

Read on to discover how awareness days and awareness months could boost your business profile and help you to get a head start on planning your marketing in 2024.

How to use the Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2024

The health and wellness awareness days calendar lists over 200 awareness days, as well as listing health-related awareness months giving you a comprehensive downloadable calendar of key dates throughout the year, that are relevant for health and wellness-based businesses and practitioners. There are a few fun dates thrown in along the way, World Laughter Day anyone!? 😋

So, how to get started:

1. Download your FREE Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar 2024

2. Choose 1-2 awareness days

  • Choose 1-2 health awareness days from each month that are most relevant to your business and your ideal clients and factor them into your content plan and promotions. Please don’t feel like you have to use every single awareness day!

3. Check the date/s

  • Do a quick check of the date/s before you post just to make sure the date hasn’t changed or moved. As much as we regularly check and update the calendar, it’s always good to double-check as some dates are not confirmed so early in advance or can shift by a few days or a week.

4. Use #hashtags and resources

  • Make use of the relevant hashtags and resources where possible. Many of the awareness days have whole campaigns behind them, so this is an ideal way to join in the conversation and engage with your audience on topics that matter to them.

5. Tap into #journorequests

  • Check #journorequest on Twitter for the chance to be quoted in the press as journalists are often looking for comments from practitioners and experts around awareness day topics. Not sure how to promote your wellness business? Check out my blog post: How to do PR for your wellness business

There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve already got some content in the bag and scheduled ahead of time (the dream right!)?, whether it be an Instagram post, a blog post, a newsletter or maybe even a podcast episode. 

Let’s get you into a content creation groove with some key awareness day dates for your 2024 diary if you’re a health, fitness or wellness practitioner.

Here is a taster of upcoming awareness days for the first quarter of 2024. For the full list download your free Health & Wellness Awareness Days Calendar for instant access.

January 2024 Health Awareness Days

  • 🩵 Monday 15th January is Blue Monday, a day typically said to be the most depressing day of the year. However many others will say this is just a marketing concept to get you to buy more things to cheer yourself up – do you have a take? What advice can you share on this day to help people through January?
  • 💓 22-28th January is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Sweden is likely to eliminate cervical cancer before 2030, if this is an area you’re passionate about or have advice on it’s a great way to position yourself as an expert throughout the week.
  • 👩🏽‍🍼 27th January is World Breast Pumping Day, a chance to celebrate, honour and recognise a woman’s effort with pumping. If you have experiences or opinions or advice on pumping this is the perfect day to do it!
  • 👄 January is also World Mindful Eating Month which this year is being marked by the Center for Mindful Eating with a 31 Day Challenge. You can create your own version or highlight throughout the month the benefits of mindful eating, or why not run an event – online or in real life around this topic?

February 2024 Health Awareness Days

  • ❤️ February is the month of love of course, but also the month to love your heart as it’s National Heart Month. The fitness trainers among you could share a workout to get the heart pumping or perhaps if food is more your thing you could talk about how to support your heart health through nutrition? 
  • 🗣️ Mental Health is at the forefront in February for Time to Talk day on the 1st February run by mental health charity Mind. Could you hop on a live and talk about Mental Health in relation to the work you do? 
  • 🔹The week of the 26th February is Eating Disorders Awareness week – not to be missed if you support people through recovery as part of your work. You could run a daily content drop or live sessions throughout the week highlighting your work. The special focus in 2024 is ARFID which stands for avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder.
  • 🍫Finally –  Just for fun – It’s World Nutella day on the 5th – perhaps you can share a recipe using the famous spread or how to make your own with wholefoods ingredients or encourage engagement by asking your followers how they enjoy theirs?! 

March 2024 Health Awareness Days

  • 🤩 1st March is World Compliment Day. What’s the best or worst compliment you’ve ever received? How should you compliment someone on how they look or their health, without causing damage? This is a great fun one to get conversation going with your audience!
  • 😣 March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, with the first week of the month dedicated as Endometriosis Awareness Week. If you have struggled yourself with the condition or support others to identify and support their health if they have it, this is a great chance to really focus in on tips, events, webinars and content so you’re seen as a thought leader.
  • 😴 15th March is World Sleep Day. Opening up so many possibilities and ideas for content, the theme for 2024’s World Sleep Day is Sleep Equity for Global HealthSleep is essential to health, but measurable differences in sleep health persist across populations across the world, creating additional burdens and reinforcing health inequities. What can you share on this?
  • ✨ 20-26th March 2024 is National Complementary Therapy Week in the UK, to celebrate and promote all forms of natural health and the therapies carried out by complementary health professionals everywhere. How can you get involved and share what you do?

Want them in calendar format so you can add to them? I’ve made exactly that for you here to download for free.

Including over 200 key health awareness dates that are relevant to personal trainers, health coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers and wellness professionals to keep you relevant and on-trend, and never without a topic to talk about in your social media posts, newsletters and podcasts.

If you’re trying to get your business off the ground and it’s all feeling a bit overwhelming and your head is in a spin with all the things you need to do Just Start Now the course and community is the answer you’ve been looking for.

With live Q&As, goal-setting and accountability sessions and quarterly content planning sessions (to help you use these dates and turn them into content that converts!), plus a great community of like-minded health and wellness practitioners to support you on your business journey, it’s time to step into the wellness business you’ve been dreaming of.

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