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December 18, 2023

[095] What’s working right now on Instagram for wellness pros

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Instagram is a tool that many of us have a love/hate relationship with and feel confused (and often filled with comparison) by how to use effectively. We know it can help us reach loads of ideal customers, yet somehow our accounts are the ones stagnant on numbers, only being followed by other practitioners and feeling like a total time suck.

To finish off the year I wanted to bring in an Instagram expert in the field of using the social media platform as a form of marketing for wellness professionals – someone I know has boundless enthusiasm (and evidence!) for what the Instagram can do for you and your business, if you use it right.

So I hope today you love listening to Marketing & Instagram Expert Molly Cahill, with insider knowledge of what’s working right now on Instagram to get your health practice booked.

In this episode we talk about: 
  • How follower numbers mean absolutely nothing when it comes to getting booked: we share stories of knowing practitioners with 100k+ followers are struggling for clients and those with 300k+ have to cancel events when they don’t sell enough tickets
  • How even Instagram is embracing a return to slow marketing, using your platform to build stronger and deeper relationships with your existing client base, rather than always looking for more, more more people
  • How a ‘growth sprint’ of 30-60 days of posting regularly, particularly with Reels and carousels (that can be repurposed!) can see a massive surge in the effectiveness of your Instagram account, if you can commit to it
  • Metrics that are worth measuring and using to determine future ideas for content such a shares, saves and profile visits and simple small tweaks to calls to action that see x4 responses
  • Employing a philosophy of ‘quantity creates quality’, and posting something rather than trying to make it perfect and strategic straight away. It only comes from practice!
  • The new (quicker and less cringy) way to make Instagram Reels work as part of your social media strategy

Molly talked about her podcast episode 5 Simple Tips To Help Increase Your Instagram Engagement Today which includes tips on writing attention grabbing hooks.

We talked about Simone Seoul’s Garbage Post Challenge.

Molly mentioned Tad Hargrave Marketing For Hippies

Molly has this podcast episode on scrappy ways to improve Instagram engagement.

I was interviewed on Molly’s podcast Holistic Marketing Simplified talking about the four business model archetypes which you can listen to here, or take the quiz here.

Connect with Molly:

Molly’s website

Molly on Instagram

Molly’s free stuff: Download Molly’s Reels training and 101 marketing prompts for health and wellness pros

Working with Molly 
Molly runs the Holistic Marketing Hub teaching you everything she knows about using Instagram to promote your health and wellness business. Find out more.

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