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February 20, 2023

[068] How to use Instagram Lives to grow your business with Helen Keeble

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Using Instagram more effectively is something I know a lot of you are curious about (episode 12 ‘How to gain 1k Instagram followers in a year’ is still in the top 3 most downloaded episodes which tells me a lot!). I knew a chat about how to use Instagram lives to grow your business would benefit you too.

So who better to invite on than my friend and pelvic health physio Helen Keeble, to spill the beans on how she has grown a loyal audience of nearly 20k followers on the platform and used it to enable her businesses to help more people. 

In this episode we talk about:
  • How Helen grew her Instagram audience to nearly 20k and her tips for enabling you to do the same (some of the things discussed were: creating content for your ideal customer, keeping things simple, minimising research needed to post, using your own voice, having no plan and no heavy reliance on the platform and making use of the community by sharing others content and giving and receiving shoutouts for other great content creators) 
  • Collaborating with and saying yes to Instagram live opportunities and tapping into other people’s audiences to get your message heard by more people (and yes, that means repeating yourself quite a lot!) 
  • The mindsets that could be holding you back from putting yourself forward for and saying yes to Instagram lives – acknowledging the vulnerability and visibility that comes with going on record and saying what you believe 
  • Whether Helen actually sees a financial return on the audience she has grown (no-one wants vanity metrics, we want to know if it’s actually helpful to getting paid!)

Vicky mentioned in the introduction she’s created a downloadable checklist to help you spend 20 minutes on Instagram in a way that actually gets clients.

Find out more about Helen:

Helen Keeble is an experienced, passionate and down-to-earth clinical specialist pelvic health physiotherapist. Alongside her busy clinic, she is a tutor/presenter/speaker in the field of pelvic health, a qualified CrossFit instructor and co-founder of Umi Health. In recent years Helen has also researched and developed her own post-graduate course & webinars focusing on the functional female pelvic floor that are open to all health, exercise and fitness professionals.


Instagram: @helenkeeblephysio

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