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February 13, 2023

[067] 4 reasons why the words you’re writing for your business get tumbleweed (and what you can do about it)

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In this episode I talk about four reasons your words aren’t making the impact you want:

  1. You don’t know who you’re speaking to – getting clear on your ideal customer is essential for your words to land  
  2. You’re being too preachy / teachy – currently in your messaging there’s too much selling, too much science and facts and not enough helping solve problems or connecting to the ideal customer and their experience. You’re trying to be the smartest in the room and it’s not what connects! 
  3. You haven’t found your own voice – you’re using all the methods and the ‘shoulds’ and trying to copy others so much that you’ve lost your authenticity. There’s not enough personality, not enough you. It is difficult to achieve this when we’ve been told for a lifetime that our presence and opinion is not important, but we have to practice and cultivate the self-belief that our way of doing it is needed
  4. You aren’t writing enough words for them to even get seen – put simply there’s not enough of your words out there in the world for people to connect with. It takes people time to build trust with you, you simply need to write and share more. 

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