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February 6, 2023

[066] How to set up your finances for your wellness business with Alan Purcell from CloudAccounts

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Managing your finances and getting comfortable with money is a hot topic if you’re starting or running your own wellness business and often something we bury our heads in the sand about. 

In an unending quest to help you simplify what needs to be done to get your business thriving I’ve invited qualified Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser Alan Purcell onto the podcast to give us the down-low on embracing the numbers in your business.

In this episode we talk about: 
  • Why it’s important to have a good grasp of your finances if you run your own business.
  • The common mistakes people make about financial management in the early days of their business
  • Advice on tracking your income and expenses and being tax compliant, whether you want to do this yourself or not 
  • How vital it is to start a separate business bank account, right from the start (if you do absolutely nothing else as a result of listening to this episode, please do this!) 
  • What you should look for if you want to hire an accountant to help you manage your finances (and grow with you and your business) 

Find out more about Alan:

Alan Purcell is a Chartered Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountant, who has founded CloudAccounts to assist sole traders, small businesses and PAYE employees in Ireland to understand and manage their finances and taxes, without using accounting or tax jargon. 

Alan can be found on the links below, and also has a video guide on how to complete a PAYE tax return.



Instagram: @cloudaccountsireland

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