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April 24, 2023

[077] Should you outsource your social media?

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In this episode, I talk about:
  • Four reasons why you shouldn’t outsource your social media:
    • It’s designed to be social, and a SMM (social media manager) can’t replicate you. And you are what sells your business. 
    • You don’t know how it works. Which means you won’t know how to fix it or make it better if someone else just does it for you. Empower yourself to know how to use it and see the time as well spent (unless you’re just watching cat videos) 
    • You miss out on the chances to talk to ideal customers. Social media is the perfect way to connect with and hear the language and pain points and problems straight from the mouths of the people you want to serve. It can inspire so much content if you’re not shutting yourself off from it. 
  • You don’t have to use social media at all to market your business if you don’t want to. Find out more about my How To Market Your Wellness Business Without Social Media course for more help on other methods. And read this blog post for inspiration (and some mindset shifts you might need if you’re rejecting socials as part of your marketing strategy). 
  • What to spend your money on instead of a social media manager:
    • Good copywriting support (listen to this episode on the power of great copy with Lea Tierney and check out our Copy That Connects course if you want to master this) 
    • Proper finance software to speed up and automate taking and tracking your money
    • Some professional headshots to elevate your business and presence online
    • A business support network and training community where you can learn how to use social media or other tools to market your business yourself and get accountability for following through (Just Start Now comes to mind…)
    • My How To Market Your Wellness Business Without Social Media course – if you really hate the idea of social media I teach you in 4 weeks how to do without it!
  • When is a good time to outsource your social media marketing:
    • If you’re a more product-based / brand business i.e. less reliant on you being the face of the business and the supplier of the services, and more about the products you sell where someone else can share great graphics and imagery to show them off (you probably still need to be visible, but less so than solopreneur service-based businesses)
    • If you’re already nailing your social media (growing and seeing bookings and enquiries regularly from it) and want some expertise to show you gaps and make the most of your analytics to elevate what you’re doing
    • If you have loads of content, great brand graphics and templates and a clear sense of your style and tone already that a good social media manager could replicate, you just want someone to help you with a structure and consistency

Come and join us in the Just Start Now course and community to get all the tools you need to build your wellness business.

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